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PM Dares

Posted 10-04-2014 at 06:26 PM by Rachel S
Updated 11-15-2014 at 08:04 PM by Rachel S

Feel free to send me multiple to do at one time.

PM me "PM DARE": you can add a pm dare for me to put in my list

PM me "PUMPS": I put 1 snake bite pump on each nipple, add the word "small", "medium", "large" for cup size on pump. Send number for how many minutes. Limit 15.

PM me "NIPPLES": I put one clamp on each nipple (add the word "chain" or "string" and I will attach my clamps with the heavy chain or the clamps with string that goes behind my neck) Send number along for how many minutes. Limit 10.

PM me "TITS": Send a number for amount of clamps for each tit (max of 16 (8 per tit), otherwise might run out). And number for time. Limit 10.

PM me "TIES": I tie the base of my breasts tight for amount of time specified. Max 20 minutes.

PM me "EDGES": Send me a number and I will edge that many times. I am going to put a limit of 30 for those who are mean and would want to give me 200.

PM me "ICE": Send me a number and that is how many ice cubes I will put in my ass and pussy. Max of 10 for pussy and Max of 5 for ass.

PM me "ICY HOT": I rub icy hot to my asshole and pussy for 15 minutes.

PM me "ELECTRO": with 1-5 for intensity and placement (2 pads you pick where they go)

Pm me "WATCH": I'll watch the porn of your choosing (send a link) and say if I "edge", "cum", or "no touching"

PM me "DICE": with a dice dare and I will complete it

PM me "DISGUST": I will write the word on my body, and then I will spit in my hand and smear it on my face
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