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About Us......

Posted 09-04-2017 at 09:33 AM by ILike2Watch
Updated 09-04-2017 at 09:35 AM by ILike2Watch

I am Derek and my much younger, beautiful wife is Angela. We have been married since 2001. My wife and I started out the lifestyle by trying "swinging" (not good). Then it evolved into her playing with other men....with me watching or listening (wonderful). She used to play ALOT, buy after an "incident" a few years ago we stopped. So, yes, I am a "cuckold" and around certain types of men....a submissive cuckold (nothing gay though). What really turned me on was watching another man's beautiful cock slide deep inside my wife and the pleasure they both gave each other.

I have witnessed & learned many things from having a “Hot Wife”. Its almost unnerving what turns me on now to do or watch.....things I would have NEVER imagined being OK with. Watching the woman you she is seduced, right in front of your eyes. Watching as she worships another man's cock and then as she gives in to anything he is Incredible.

I now know that a woman’s sexuality should not be constrained to the limits of the weakest link in the chain.....the insecurities of her husband or a girl’s boyfriend. It is a completely natural & beautiful thing to offer her or encourage her to give herself to a more dominant males who can give her feelings, sensations & experiences that you can’t or may not be able to give her......

Anyways, who are we? Here is what I think you want to know....

Angela used to strip at a bikini club (just down to a bikini & thong) when I first met her...did it for a few months and I discovered that she was ULTRA submissive.....the more men behaved aggressively with her the more submissive she would become...especially after a drink or two....until she did the ultimate submissive act and cheated on me. When she has a few drinks or lines or....she has a little problem saying no to a man and gets incredibly horny. That’s when she quit dancing and I started really noticing how she responded to men...aggressive, dominant men. We chatted a lot about it and she discovered that she likes to feel “helpless” in situations….rape fantasies, being drunk and seduced, asleep at a party and used....then begging them to please not say anything.

She was very attracted to my strong personality and I have a dominant demeanor but I noticed in the strip club when I would show up at the end of the night to pick her up and wait for her last aroused I would get from seeing her in a bikini top and nothing but a thong ….her ass out for all to see…with these drunk, obnoxiously aggressive was embarrassing how hard my cock was watching her....imagining "what if this was happening in a hotel room...or if she was passed out in the little booth she does privates in.....what they would do?"

I talked her into swinging and it did not go well at first….she thought I must not care if I was not jealous. We tried swinging with another girl another and her with another man while I hid in a closet and watched.

When he left I finally got to see what he had done. He had probably cum inside her a few times. She looked SO damn hot and vulnerable on her tummy with cum leaking out. I spread her legs and instead of fucking her I licked her pussy like it had not been licked before, made her cum...I LOVED it. I told her the next morning he had fucked her….she got so horny and I had a new fetish.

Now as far as SOME of our fantasies go....My wife and I have done alot of kinky things over 14 years of our marriage. I really can't think of anything new that we could experience and once you start tasting the exotic, well.....I have to keep taking it up a notch just to get hard now. I remember when just watching Angela remove her bra made me prematurely ejaculate on myself. Believe it or not this is what Angela has become accustomed to unless I take Viagra. I think I have cum all over me more than inside her if I were to total it all up.

I am looking for someone/(s) that can provide us with the opportunities to experience the more "EXTREME fantasies that no one seems to ever talk about in any of the forums I have visited. So how far? I will say that Angela (my wife), likes to fantasize and cum to the "extremely horrific, dangerous....even bloody.....rape and/or mutilation videos". According to her, she was raped frequently in her bed at night, between the ages of 11 - 13 by "an invisible demon named Sitri". I try to act like I believe her but that one is pretty hard to imagine. So she really enjoys the more ritualistic dark fantasies as well. Not that they are real, but Angela and I even like to imagine that even the "snuff" films are real and we both cum very easy to we like to believe.

Both of us enjoy the feeling of being vulnerable and helpless. We want to experience encounters so taboo, and the fear so real, along with the real possibility of that things may get out of hand and even "gory". It would be safe to say that since we would not want the option of a "safe word".....that if one decided to film it all.....having things appear so real (screams, blood?, etc...) people would think it might even be a "snuff film" if the believed in them.

I would like the person we decide to live these fantasies out with to consider doing this south of the border.....Mexico. My desire is that they have an atmosphere to really take their creativity to the next level and not have to worry about breaking any laws. Plus, if they decide to have others assist them or have it filmed ......the money we would provide to finance this and anything they want to happen.......will help any authorities in Mexico to look the other way. I would be willing to even tell Angela that we need to sign a legal waiver for this to be more real so others would be free to do anything they want. We both want (need at this point)we do this

Angela hates "planned" sexual things so, It would be hotter for us if my wife did not know I had planned all this. I would be willing to provide any type of legal waiver, signed by any or all of my family...... to set mind's at ease and let their "creative horrific imagination" go as dark as they can.....gore and all. NO limits.

On a personal note, I do have fantasies that I do NOT share with my wife. What makes me "weak in the knees" and feel like a little girl when I think about it is......I want to be stripped of ANY power to object or disagree with what someone else says, wants or does. I DO NOT want be able to say “no” to anything they want. They will have total power over me and my wife will know nothing about my need to keep them happy. Her submissive nature has rubbed off on me and I want to feel as helpless she will. You have NO idea what it would do to me to hear an arrogant, aggressive and completely disrespectful (when she is not around) person treat me like the “girl” in this relationship.

When Angela & I go out she likes to dress for attention…..short, skimpy & low-cut outfits. Guys at the clubs always enjoy the sight. Normally, if I saw you staring my wife’s assets and you didn’t look away when I notice and stared at you…I have to act. Instead of politely looking away, you do not stop looking at her tiny skirt showing all her thigh. You look at me and point her out to your friends and then with your finger tell me to come to your table. Imagine telling me “ Derek, Buy us a round….and we all bet on what your wife has on under that slutty little skirt tonight….my friends want you to describe what she has got covering that ass”

A little while later, after you buy my wife her typical Long Island Teas and she gets tipsy and flirtatious, you remind me of something and then tell me to take my wife’s wallet and her phone out of her purse and go with one of your “friends” I have not met yet….and take him back to my home….and that you will tell my wife I want her to have fun tonight.

The person I am looking for has to be VERY VERY "Alpha"...not polite, not nice. Someone skilled at the art of manipulation, not troubled by morals..... Someone who truly relishes that feeling when they have outsmarted, tricked, conned or simply deceived another person to get what they want. Then they get the beautiful experience of watching their victim as they discover they have been taken advantage of. Then they have the realization that they would be totally humiliated...if others knew they willingly allowed themselves to be completely used. Soon the victim feels desperation & helplessness, as they realize......there is nothing they can do. Soon these feelings are replaced with the sweet release of submission to the other person's matter what they are...!

I am not gay or even bisexual. I have never had a desire to be with a man. I want to be submissive to the male that will be using Angela for whatever purpose he wants or can make happen... But this alpha male will know how to shut up a husband and hopefully is willing to say or do whatever to make things go his way.

If I were to do absolutely anything you wanted…..ANYTHING when she is either not there or not looking….could you keep that part between us? I would be as enthusiastic, tender, rough, slow or as fast as you want. For this, I would be VERY VERY grateful and obviously, completely in your debt. I want to feel powerless toward another male who is attracted to my wife,…rendered completely submissive.

These fantasies and background info may help to understand us.....

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