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The Domination of an Irish Princess

Posted 09-04-2017 at 10:18 AM by Dom&thefox

Lola has kindly requested for me to write up a blog about our kinky adventures in Ireland as she did so well on hers! I would write about her teasing session but it's hard to explain how I was feeling when I had no idea what was going on!

I have, instead decided to write about the fun session we had that lead to many bruises on her perfect little ass.

It all started, as these things often do, with Lola teasing my cock rubbing her hands over my trousers and bending over in front of me at every opportunity. She loves making me uncomfortable right before we enter a public place, with my red face and giant boner on show to the world. I decided that during our time apart she had been enough of a brat to warrant a good ass beating, and grabbed hold of her, bending her over the bed and administering a few hard spanks to each cheek.

She seemed to enjoy that far too much and I could tell by her cute little yelps that she was desperate for more. I sat on the bed and pulled her over my knee. This angle was perfect! I secured her hair in my hand, ensuring she didn't wriggle too much and went to work on her ass. I could sense she was getting wet, struggling against my strong hands. I wanted to admire my hard work, and slipped her tight yoga pants down to her ankles, showing off a delicious pair of blue panties and a slightly red bum. I grabbed hold of her panties tightly, pulling them up to show off more of her tight round ass. I started to beat her ass again, harder this time, and she squirmed even harder! Her panties rubbing against her wet cunt, she was moaning nice and loud.

Slipping a finger between her legs, my suspicions were confirmed. She was dripping! Not satisfied with the bruises on her ass, I grabbed the bondage tape and tightly bound her hand behind her back and grabbed my thick leather belt. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 spanks later and her ass was starting to turn the right shade of red. With purple bruises all over, I tied her ankles together and wrapped my belt around her neck. This slut loves to be choked, so I continued the beatings whilst cutting off the air supply. At that moment, I had her. She would say anything, do anything, and agree to anything I said. A gorgeous pain slut begging to be used, I made her jerk me off with her hands still bound whilst I was grabbing on to the belt, showing her how much of a sex object she was in that moment. I rubbed her dripping cunt until she begged for me to stop. Bringing her to the edge of both orgasm and suffocating.

Once I was satisfied that I had turned my beautiful girlfriend into a slutty plaything in the palm of my hand, I released her and we went about our day. Both in a kinky haze from what happened earlier and Lola with a beautifully bruised ass. Later that night I fucked her nice and hard, and we both came hard, multiple times.

What a perfect start to our kinky vacation away. ~
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