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My Life as a Pet #2: My return to Mommy

Posted 11-21-2017 at 07:33 AM by Randomo

The little pet's return to Mommy was the best thing it has been through, but it knew it had to work hard to be her good boy. So the first thing the pet needed was to have it's naughty parts caged. With the pet's return also comes Mommy's punishment. The little pet was no longer allowed to please it's self as it was used to. It's mind & body now belong to Mommy and the pet couldn't be happier.

Mommy began with an inspection of her little pet. She then proceeded to interview her little pet once again to make sure she had all it's information correct. This was all still new to the little pet, for the first time it ran away so quickly it didn't know what to expect. So Mommy decided to have the little pet fill out a list of kinks and the little pet rated them in terms of stuff it thought it might enjoy. The little pet was so amazed how smart and awesome Mommy is. As it went down the list it realized that everything it wanted to do was to please Mommy. The little pet knew that it's tiny naughty part could never please her, only her big strong man could. So it figured out that it wasn't to do everything to make Mommy's life more entertaining!

Soon though the little pet ran into a problem. It finally got the cage for it's naughty parts, but there was a problem. The little pet's naughty part were so tiny it kept slipping out. Mommy was not happy with the pet, especially since it was suppose to be locked up for a week. The little pet knew it would never touch it's self unless Mommy said so, but it wanted to be caged for her just in case.

So one day, after the pet had gone to see a movie, the little pet told Mommy it would go to a adult store for the first time to find a new cage for it's tiny naughty parts. That day for Mommy, the little pet had worn a doggy collar it is to wear at home for her out to the movies. When the little pet went to the store it was told by Mommy to keep the collar on. It's heart was racing as it arrived at the store and walked in. Two women worked at the counter and they greeted the little pet. It was so shy it bowed it's head and went to browse. After it couldn't find the cages Mommy told the little pet to ask the women who worked then. The little pet walked over and heart racing asked for the cages, the woman looked at the pets collar and smiled. She showed the little pet to the section but there was none left. So it went to a different store.

This time only one woman was there and as the pet looked around it couldn't find the cages again. The woman working there was on the phone and when the little pet went to ask she ignored it. After a while the little pet left and told Mommy what happened. She explained that my collar gave away that it was a pet and should be ignored. So the little pet when to the third and last Store. There was 2 woman in this store, the little pet walked in and found the cages but were behind a locked glass door. A woman came by to open the door and asked the little pet if it wanted to see. It said yet and as she opened it she asked about it's collar. Mommy told the pet if someone asked about the collar to tell the truth. So it told the woman that it wears it cause it's a pet. The woman smile as to to laugh but held it back and explained the different types of cages. She then asked what it was for. The little pets face turned red as it told the woman the His Mommy asked him to get it because it's been bad. The lady grabbed one and as she turned she smiled again and chuckled as she recommended the one she grabbed.

The little pet got the new cage and as it left it could hear the 2 woman chuckle lowly. The little pet knew it was about it because it was the only person in the store. The pet felt humiliated, but it liked it. It made it feel where it belong and so the little pet went home. Unfortunately for it, the new cage also slipped off and it was back where it started. The little pet tried everything, until finally it managed to keep the cage on with zip ties and Mommy was happy! That is until 2 days later the little pet awoke to the cage slipped off again. Mommy was not happy and the little pet was upset it disappointed her. So now the little pet is stuck, trying to figure out how to stay caged for Mommy.
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