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Cam session

Posted 02-23-2018 at 03:44 PM by Humiliationsub

Well, Wednesday was fun!

Wed been buiiding up to it and waiting for it for ages. Master had kept me chaste for 52 days and I was hoping that Id be able to cum, but understood that it wasnt guaranteed that I would.

Id been getting my outfit together over weeks, but keeping it all secret from master so that it would be a lovely surprise for him. I also did some special shopping on the way to really try to please him.

I was very excited about the cam session, but also a little apprehensive as I knew that Id accumulated two punishments since I was last allowed to cum on December 31st.

We met online at the agreed time and went to the cam site. I was dressed in pink panties and bra, fishnet hold ups, a sheer top, and a leather look skirt. Id chosen the bra to be visible through the top to ensure I looked slutty. You can see all of the outfit in one of my albums. Master was very impressed and pleased and had me do a few twirls to show him my outfit before ordering me to do a strip tease for him. I remember him describing it as funny and sexy.

Once naked he had me put a clothes peg on each nipple and four on my ball sack. I then had to put on a pair of my wifes panties that hed requested I bring with me. I was constantly leaking and dripping precum, which I kept collecting on my hand and licking up as well as licking from my panties each time I changed them.

I was desperate to pull on my clitty the whole time, but I was under strict instructions that I mustnt touch it. Master spent a long time having me stand in front of the camera whilst he looked at me and the whole time the pegs started hurting more and more. Eventually I was allowed to pull the pegs off, not take them off, pull them off. This was my first punishment and it hurt.

I was so lost in the moment at this point that what happened next is a little hazy but I think at this point he had me dress back into my original outfit. Once done I was allowed to remove the pegs from my ball sack which was an incredible relief as theyd been on for about 15 minutes and were really hurting.that was my second punishment completed. I thanked him for my punishments and told him that I understood why Id had to be punished.

He then ordered me out into my hotel corridor. I was dressed back in my slutty out fit, pink bra visible through my top, leather look skirt and fishnet hold ups. I took the cam with me and was able to show him the stairs immediately outside my room and I then moved along the corridor, past a window to the outside and the 2 rooms in the corridor adjacent to mine. At this point I thought I heard someone coming and ran back to my room.

Once back in the room I showed master my new purchase which was a 5.5 suction dildo. He was very pleased as I had been set a number of tasks to research and practice blow job skills over the previous weeks, and now was an opportunity to show him what I had learnt. I attached it to the desk in the room, got on my knees and started to work on it as if it was his magnificent cock. After a good demonstration of my bj skills I asked master if he would like to see me ride it.

Master obviously said yes. I asked if he would like me naked or dressed and he asked me to put on my red basque, panties and black stockings. You can see pictures of me in this outfit in another one of my albums. Once dressed I moved the dildo on to a table, lubed it up and lowered myself on to it. Its the first time Id had anything that big and wide so deep in my boipussy so I admitted that it was hurting me, however Im a good sissy and eager to please so I did my best to relax and ease myself onto it. I gradually managed to work it deeper until I was sat fully on the table with the dildo totally filling my boipussy. I was even able then to start bouncing up and down on it and enjoying the feeling of it fucking me.

I then begged master to let me cum. He was so pleased with my purchase and commitment to fucking myself with it that he agreed, on condition that I came whilst my boipussy was filled with the dildo and did so into a glass. The glass wasnt a surprise to me as hes trained me that a good sissy will always drink their cum. I sat down on my dildo and eagerly pulled on my clitty, I very quickly dumped 52 days worth of cum into a glass and it was amazing! Ive never had an orgasm or an experience like it before, excitement, embarrassment, relief, humiliation and satisfaction all at the same time. I then gulped it all down as a good sissy should.

I stood up and started to say goodbye as I unclipped my stockings from my basque, master quickly told me I did not have his permission to get undressed and ordered me to do them back up. Once done up he then told me that I may undress and stand naked in front of the camera. This was humiliating as Id cum, was no longer very horny and my clitty was quite small. I was ordered to verbally thank him for allowing me to swallow my cum before logging off.

The whole session was amazing! I have an incredible master and our next cam session cant come soon enough.
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    Amy performed very well for our first cam session. The toys and clothes she prepared were a very nice surprise and she was a good obedient little sissy doing just about everything I asked of her. She really earnt her orgasm that night and I can't wait for next time.
    Posted 02-28-2018 at 10:33 AM by jm231163 jm231163 is offline

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