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Cam session prep

Posted 02-26-2018 at 03:15 PM by Humiliationsub
Updated 05-20-2018 at 02:13 PM by Humiliationsub

Master has requested that I update my blog with my preparation and shopping for the cam session we had on wed feb 21st. It was a long time in the planning and I had plenty of time to do my shopping. You can see the outfit in one of my albums.

I always knew the look that I was going for, I always wanted it be slutty but with some sexy feminine panties. I always had the shopping list in my mind.

Bright pink/hot pink bra
Sheer/see thru blouse/top
Sexy feminine pastel panties
Leather look skirt, ideally short enough to show my stocking tops
Hold ups.

The first items that I saw and knew I had to have were the fishnet hold ups from Tesco. I think I saw them in December but wasn’t in a position to buy them, so I locked them away in my mind to go buy them in the future.

The first items that I actually bought were the bra and top. I bought them together from Asda in high Wycombe. The shop assistant was young and female, there was no great reaction or conversation, I suppose they could have been for a wife or girlfriend but it was a bit of an odd combination.

I was really lucky that the rest of the outfit came together on the same day in late January. I looked in t k maxx, but couldn’t find anything suitable. I then looked in peacocks and couldn’t find anything for my outfit, but did see a red and black basque which I just had to have, so I bought it along with some red panties and some black stockings. The lady that served me was late 40’s or early 50’s she had a more knowing look and seemed more confident than lots of the younger shop assistants that I’ve bought from. She smiled and I was hoping she would point out that I had size 12 panties and size 14/16 basque. I was ready to tell her that the top of my body is bigger than my waist, but she didn’t say anything. As I was leaving the shop I walked past the sale rail and spotted the skirt. They had one in my size so I took it back to the counter. The same lady said “saw something else that caught your eye and couldn’t resist?” Now that told me that she knew, I just said “yeah something like that”. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as short as I wanted and had been imagining, but it was still sexy and I love wearing it.

Later in the day I passed a Tesco so took the opportunity to pick up the hold ups. Whilst there I looked at panties. I was so pleased to find the perfect pair. Asda, sainsbury, m&s, pep & co, peacocks and t k maxx had all failed to deliver anything near what I’d imagined but here they were in front of me. I bought these from a young girl with long dark hair, she gave me a very odd look. I doubt she gets many middle aged guys buying fishnet hold ups and panties.

My outfit was now complete but I still wanted a couple of final accessories for the cam session. I wanted a suction dildo and a male chastity device. I checked online and decided I could get both from Ann Summers in Oxford. I browsed for a while and selected the dildo, but couldn’t see a chastity device. I took the dildo to the counter.

The check out girl was amazing. Late 20’s, slim, very attractive, nice face with excellent make up and massive tits in a very tight black jumper.

She asked if I had all of the wipes and lube that might be needed then asked if I wanted anything else.

“Do you have any male chastity devices?” I mumbled. “I’m not sure” she said and then she shouted across the shop to her female colleague “do we have any male chastity devices?”

I wanted the floor to swallow me up. There were 3 girls in late teens/early 20’s, a 40 year old couple and an early 20’s couple all must have heard and were looking at me.

They didn’t stock them in store so I went bright red and said “just that then please”.

My outfit was complete and I had one of the two accessories that I was buying as a surprise treat for my master. The blog update detailing the cam session was posted a couple of days ago if you’d like to read it.
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