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Another session

Posted 04-26-2017 at 11:59 PM by Dominantsub

Hello all! It has been a long time since I have posted my last session. I have done many more in between. Here is one I really enjoyed. This is based on some tasks that mistress has made me do. I hope she enjoy this report

I filled up one 1 litre bottle and two small 300ml bottles. Then I put two clamps on my nipples and and connected them through a long rope to each of the smaller bottles. I then bound my balls separating them from my cock quite a bit. I connected this to the 1 litre bottle with enough slack that it would touch the ground if I squatted quite low. Then I slipped the smaller bottles over an overhead rod such that they barely touch a table when I am on my tiptoes.

So basically if I squat, the weight on my balls would be cancelled but my nipples would be pulled up but If I stand up the weight stretches my balls really bad but my nipples would get some rest. Then I put a sponge ball in my mouth and bound it tightly with a tie. Then I put my underwear over my head and blindfolded myself. I then bound my hands behind myself in an easily untied strict knot.

Now my task was to do 20 squats and 10 jumps. With one edge between each in whatever position I want. After the last edge I ripped off the clamps. By the time I was done with it my body was so groggy that I just lay on the floor for like 10 minutes and the ripping off brought tears to my eyes. The squats were fine but the jumps were way too rough. Moreover I had put rubberbands on the clamps to make sure they don't fall off and this made the bite much more painful. Also i had to go on tiptoes every single time to take the bite off my nipples!! That was so damn hard.

Well. Sorry for the long post. Hope you liked it. I have done many more and have many more ideas. If anybody wants to know more I would be glad to share
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