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Likes / Dislikes / Limit

Posted 10-11-2017 at 01:31 AM by RaJacK
Updated 10-11-2017 at 02:05 AM by RaJacK


Bondage: in general, with a preference in shibari. I began as a rigger so i really enjoy to tie up! However i love either restrain and being restrained. I like both bondage sides: The feeling of power when i'm the top and for the feeling of lose control when bottom.

Hidden public: the idea of be naughty in public is crazy arousing for me, but i'don't want commit a social suicide. For this reason things like wearing a butt plug and/or collar under cloths, being naked/bounded in a public restroom, stay/walk naked in the woods, etc… are the type of tasks that i really like.

Anal: it was a really slow start! At first was only some rubs and very small insertions, but soon my ass became always more and more hungry and my mind always more curious. Now i can take a medium dildo without big problems. I think i'm yet too far to be well trained but my hungry is growing fast! However i don't want stretch my hole at the point i can take a fist… Holes too big don't really excite me… Furthermore if i like take anal than i love give anal!

Femdom: That's totally new and a bit complicated for me… I'll try to explain myself… i'm accustomed to be the dom in my relationship and i have a lot of fun when i take control, but i'm a guy that need always of something new and no too far ago i found myself attracted to the idea of submit to a strong willed woman… my love for the female body helps a lot too. However, because of this opposite sides of me, i can't completely lose myself in femdom. I really really hope to find some woman brave enough to tame me!

Light pain: Not too much to say here… i don't like pain but a little bit can turn me on pretty fast. Ass spanking and some nipples pain (clothespin is a good example) have a special place in my heart!

Humiliation: Free and insensate humiliations are not welcome here! But if associated with some of my likes is instead very welcome!

Disikes / Soft Limit:

Cum eating: More than for the act itself i don't like the taste. However it's not a limit so it can be used for punishments… or your own pleasure!

Cum play: This time is the act itself that i don't appreciate, i think it is a bit to messy for my tastes. Again, it's not a limit and works well as punishments or for degrading me. Classical examples are things like rub my cum all over the body or snowballing.

Pain: Yes, yes i know! Everyone of us have a differt meaning for pain… for me and for semplicity...think about what the most of the people call painful, That’s it! In general i hate feel pain, but if it is for a short period of time and not too intense i can accept it… but be moderate and use it as the worst form of punishment please!

Chastity / Denial: If you are looking for an excuse to punish me… you found it! I can't last long: 1 day is difficult, 2 days are craziness, 3 days you must be kidding, 4 days simply impossible! I don't need to tell you i don't like being denied. In fact, i do not have a chastity cage.

Limit / Hard limit:

Hard pain: Long term period and/or most intense pain is not tolerate so don’t even think about it! How i’ve alredy said: I hate feel pain!

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture): I’ m truly proud of my dick! I know that for the majority of you this means a very limitative rule for some kind of plays but please respect my will! IF you are my mistress and we have a good relation THAN we can talk about softening this limit!

Full public / Social suicide: I have a life and i like the way it is! Moreover i’m not an exibitionist.

Drink pee / Eat poo: NO WAY! No dicussions on this matter!

Unhealthy play: I don't want ruin my health so this kind of play it's out of the question. Some good examples are lick a public floor, urinal or stuff myself with rotten matters.

Show Face:
Pictures are not a problem, but the face is a privilege of my mistress only! ...P.S.: Mistress WANTED...
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