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My *first time*

Posted 04-10-2018 at 11:47 AM by Thatgirlhypno

*disclamer... I posted this a few months ago on my getdare blog- and was feeling bored today so felt like I could share this here as well!

Today, Facebook reminded me that I lost my virginity approximately five years ago. Iíve been hit with a wave of nostalgia and figured I should put my experience into words.

Now I promise I didnít make a post on social media indicating that my cherry had finally been popped! I hardly use the whole Facebook thing, itís so 2010. However, at the time I was enjoying a faboulous exchange year in Belgium! Facebook was a handy little tool I used to update the relatives on my big adventure over to Europe... It just so happened that on Jan. 15th, my friends and I changed up our regular Wednesday afternoon plans. We decided for some unknown reason to head into Brussels for an afternoon of drinking and shisha- opposed to the regular Liege binge drinking. Of course I documented it all with family approved photos of waffles and frites Š brussels grand place avec les amis.

Anywho- Wednesday day drinking in Brussels consisted of purchasing a £15 mini hookah and some grape flavoured shisha to start the day. Down some wonderful tasting Gordon12s, (Belgians I hope you know which type Iím talking about) while lounging in some public parks. Of course we inevitably ended up at the best local Irish Pub. (Belgians Iíll be really disappointed if nobody knows which downtown pub Iím referring to) More to the point of the story, lots more cheap draft beers at the bar followed- along side the degradation of my lungs in the upstairs smoking room... The wonderfully chill folks who ran the bar didnít seem to have a problem with 30+ exchange students smoking shisha in their smoke room.

All of this previously mentioned information set the scene for my virginity to be lost... Add in one hot and highly intoxicated New Zealander, and messy bathroom sex occurred! From what I recall the stairs were terribly difficult to manage with said Kiwi making out with my neck while trying to find a quite place to continue. (Aka the downstairs bathroom... also, WAY too many Hickeyís! Ew!) (the kiwi: letís call him, Tom) Tom and I ended up in one of the minuscule girls bathroom cubicles.

I donít know how he managed it, but the condom found itís way on. I was propped up awkwardly on the toilet and somehow he found his way into me. (Thanks to the alcohol no pain was felt until the next day) In the short time it took for Tom to cum I vividly remember him repeating a) how drunk he was, b) how tight I felt and wet I felt, and c) telling me to be quiet so we donít get caught... I donít believe I came the first time but I remember the whole thing as enjoyable... Tom disregarded the condom on the floor after, thanked me with a kiss and pulled me out of the bathroom way too quickly. I can only imagine how disheveled I looked. PS- I am still incredibly, incredibly sorry to whatever poor cleaner had to pick up a used condom off the floor. I AM SORRY!

But all in all, I think the most horrifying aspect of the entire process was the knowing smirks from all the bar patrons as we exited the bathroom- not to mention the walk of shame back up the stairs to the smoking room.

Side note: I later gave Tom my first blow job that same evening behind a bush in a public park. HAHA. I can still distinctly recall the flavour of menthol cigarettes and cum in my mouth....We still remain great friends to this day, and continued use each other for sex the remained of our time in Belgium. I had all of my big first with, Tom and learned so much from him.

*i apologize for all the spelling and grammar mistakes! Typing this up on my phone is a hassle.*
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