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Selfsuck part 1 - First time cumming in my own mouth

Posted 07-26-2018 at 08:35 AM by Ananas2xLekker

In my early twenties I discovered self sucking on the internet. I had to try this for myself and after an hour of stretching I could throw my legs over my head, pull my legs toward me, stretch out my tongue and lick my cockhead. I started practicing daily and licking my dick became easier every day. After a few days I could even put my lips round the head.
Every evening I watched a lot of porn on the internet, stretched, jerked and licked my dick for hours. I loved to watch and download porn of girls sucking guys off until the last drop or being drenched by lots of men. I also found some clips of guys sucking off a friend or shooting into their own mouths. It made me really horny, but I never dared to taste a little of my own. Every dick licking session was finished shooting my load in some paper towels.
One evening I was even more flexible. I could take the head in my mouth completely. I sucked on the head, licked round and round and sucked up and down. I could really blow myself and it was wonderful. I had to stop every thirty seconds to gasp for air, but I kept on going. I was getting horny as hell and breathing heavily. It felt wonderful, like never before. I had planned to shoot in a paper tower, but I kept sucking until the last second. When the orgasm came it was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop anymore. I felt a bit scared, but hot as hell as cum started pouring on my tongue, flowing down and filling my mouth. It was the longest, most explosive orgasm ever. I was surprised how much cum was spurting into my mouth. When I finally stopped squirting, I lowered my legs, stretched out on my bed, my heart pounding in my chest and breathing heavily through my nose. My mouth felt completely filled with cum, but I did not dare to swallow. I felt hot, horny, sexy, weird and a bit shocked about tasting a mouthful of my own cum. It didn’t taste bad at all, just a little salty, very slippery and tingly. After savoring the taste and enjoying the feeling for a minute, I sat up. With trembling lips I drooled the cum into the paper towels. I already knew then it wouldn’t be the last time....
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