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1st Dare I made completed

Posted 02-22-2012 at 04:10 PM by Dravot
Updated 03-27-2012 at 12:59 PM by Dravot

I will be using this space to report on any dare I have issued each post will include the dare and the report from the person who completed it.

First the dare:
At its basic level the dare is as follows, the slut must give oral service while the male recipient is seated on the toilet. When he cums she must hold the cum in her mouth, she is not to spit or swallow. The whore will then lean forward placing her face on/in the toilet seat and have the lid lowered onto her head holding her face in the toilet.
She must remain there still holding the load of cum in her mouth for twenty minutes during which time she is to edge at least twenty times but may not cum. At the end of the time she is to show that her whore mouth is still full of cum, if it is, she will put a dollop of icy hot on her fingers, put her head back into the toilet seat as it was before with the lid holding her in place and rub her clit till she cums. Once she has done that she is to sit back up, show one last time the load of cum then swallow all of it.

Should you want to really remind the slut of her place and further degrade her, she is to do this while the recipient is taking a big smelly dump for her to smell the whole time and she should aim to have him cum as he is taking the dump.

The toilet is not to be flushed until she has completed the challenge, if you wish to be exceedingly cruel you may flush the toilet as she is cumming.

If she swallows the cum or lets any out of her mouth before the challenge is completed or if she fails to cum at the end of it she will receive a punishment.

Please have the whore pm a detailed report of how this went if you feel she is deserving of this degradation and humiliation.

Now her report on it:

Hello Sir, I’m nanomt’s whore. Today he made me clean the toilet 3 times. I got a little nervous because I thought he was going to make me do something sexually with it. I was right, and I was so humiliated being treated that badly. Posting my experience here for everyone’s enjoyment makes it much worse for me.

After I finished cleaning my husband told me to strip and he did the same. He grabbed my hair and sat on the toilet while forcing me to my knees. He forced my head to his cock and while I was sucking he said when he cums I had to keep his cum in my mouth until he gave me new instructions.

After he came he got up, lifted both seats and put my head over the rim and closed the lids on my head. He handed me a vibrator and told me to edge twenty times and if I came or spit or swallowed I would get a severe punishment. I know what his punishments can be like and I really don’t want to piss him off so I did just as he said. My spit was mixing with his cum and I had to swallow periodically to keep spit and cum from leaking from my mouth and I was really afraid there wouldn’t be enough cum in my mouth for him when he checked.

I don’t know how long I was there and I’m glad he counted my edges for me. When he finally lifted the toilet seats from my head he checked my mouth and thankfully there was enough cum for him.
He said I was almost finished and pulled out the jar of icy hot I used for a cunt/rope dare. This terrified me because that dare really hurt and I never wanted to put icy hot on my cunt again. He said the words I was dreading and told me to rub the icy hot on my clit while I finished masturbating. I put some on my finger and he pushed my head back onto the toilet rim and closed the seats on my head again.
I didn’t think I would be able to cum with the icy hot but I was very horny from the edging and I finally came even though my cunt was on fire.
My husband often checks if I’m lying about my orgasm by rubbing my clit when I’m through and he did so this time. When he was satisfied I had cummed he told me to swallow the rest of his cum and I did so.

Sir, this dare was very humiliating and painful for me. I really hope you find pleasure in it.
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