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Posted 02-21-2018 at 02:39 AM by acronymboy

FLR, CFNM, SPH, MF, OTK, IRL, LTR, Cuck, CHAS ( -tity ), HUM ( -iliation )

I decided Iím going to use my journal to explain why I found interest in each of the acronyms that have made me an acronymboy.

One at a time Ö and in no particular order.

IRL (In Real Life)

I guess I could keep plowing into the rest of them, one at a time - cuck, sph, even some of the lesser ones that I didnít list Ö and I will do so, to some degree, in future postings. It felt right, however, to next write about IRL - taking the fantasies of all the acronyms and bringing them into reality Ö in real life.

Living inside oneís head can often be a semi-fulfilling approach. It doesnít necessarily mean this is the wrong way to go about things. People are people and what works for one doesnít for another. But, within anyoneís fantasies is the thought of real life. When imagining a scenario with kinky desires being met, the scenario is set in real life.

That being said, whether people choose or want to act on it or not, fantasies are inherently about real life. But approach seems to be the key component to most any progression forward. And this is where people are people again, each to their own.

Perhaps the strongest fantasy I have is about fantasy itself and how it could not just play out in everyday life, but how it could become a balanced piece of everyday life. I am a proponent in the belief that a lifetime of exploring really means nothing Ö unless you eventually find and embrace that which you enjoy the most.

A lot of what I read on peopleís profiles is quite ridiculous in my opinion - demands of money, tributes and wishlist gifts, taking days off work to be able to accommodate a Dommeís whims, quitting jobs to move distances away and other random non-sense that, most ironically, takes reality and turns it back into fantasy. Thatís the polar opposite of what most people desire. Iím no different in this regard.

Understandably, a lot of the profiles are Pro Dommes and FinDommes. And Iím happy for them. Iím simply not interested in them. Years ago, I was in a relationship where I allowed my partner to wreak havoc on my bank account. Most obnoxiously, when the money ran out, so did she.

So, the idea of giving away control of my money isnít a fantasy at all. It was my reality, and it still is as I am soon finishing up a six-year-long haul back from incorrigible debt repayment.

But the reality of being controlled is a powerful one in my mind and heart. Being told how to dress or to get naked, being led, being disciplined, being brain-scrambled - as well as feeling a happiness and purpose and passion that only dreams could capture Ö until real life captures it all Ö that would be the end game of having lived inside oneís head, having written blogs ( wink ), having stayed the course while keeping my feet on the ground and having weathered the storm along the way.

Knowing what is wanted Ö and pursuing it with as much logic as reality requires. Rightfully so.

Subtle ways of exchanging power could always happen as a relationship formed. But the sincerest beauty of real life would be in the moments when vanilla became the flavor in front of us and nothing wavered about our collective resolve. We are just as strong, even when just as a male and female.

The potency of anything worth looking for and finding and maintaining is pungent when it is permanent, made sustainable by a balance of life that fantasies could never show. And when it is viewed through two sets of eyes - your eyes and the eyes of a partner who sees it all in a similar light Ö in real life.
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