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I was dumped naked. Part 1:

Posted 12-09-2017 at 01:53 PM by deedeedosst
Updated 12-09-2017 at 01:55 PM by deedeedosst

This is a non-fictional story about something that happened to me back when I was around 21. It was one of the best erotic nights I'd ever had. It involved my now partner, who I will call June for this story and I am telling it as it really happened.

At the time I was still living with my parents and they had gone on holiday so I had the house to myself. June came over and when it was dark we went out for some fun. At this time June was still dominant and we played games were I always took the submissive roll.

One of her favourite things to do was to drive to different places, lay-bys, field gateways or quiet car parks and she would order me to strip naked. She would then roll one dice and whatever the number that came up, that was how many times I had to walk around the car naked.

At first she would leave the door unlocked so I could dive in if someone came along. But as time went on she became more into playing dirty tricks on me and she started to lock the door as soon as I got out and would not unlock it again until I had walked the required amount of times around the car in the nude. This would often lead to me having to duck behind the car and hide as cars went by. I always had a dread of a car pulling in behind us and catching me crouched naked behind the car, exposing me in it's headlights for all to see.

Sometimes my naked walks would involve me leaving the car and going further a field. There was one lane that had a line of trees unevenly spaced down one side. We would park down this lane in a small pull-in with the trees running along the right hand side of the lane leading back to the busy main road. In all there was twenty three trees and a few bushes between the car and the main road.

June would roll four dice, this gave the number tree, bushes didn't count, it had to be a tree with a viable trunk. I then had to walk to that number tree and back again naked. She would of course lock me out but the lane was so positioned that if a car came from either way I would never have had the time to return back to the car once I'd past the third tree. Many a time I had to hide behind a tree as cars went by me and some of the trees were so thin I'd have to go to the next bigger tree to fully hide myself.

There was only twenty three trees and using four dice meant you could roll up to twenty four. Of course the day came when twenty four was rolled. I figured it would just mean the same as twenty three. I should have know better. If June rolled twenty four then the twenty fourth tree would be walked to.

I told her there was only twenty three trees on the lane side and the twenty third tree was close to the main road. “ I know” she said with a wicked glint in her eyes, “ but over the road is another five trees” she said.

The end of the lane was at a crossroads and on the opposite side was another lane and it did have trees on it but these were along side a house with people in it and lights illuminating the outside and lighting up the road, plus there was a window over looking the lane. These five trees in the garden of this house were on the other side of a dyke so I could not actually get at the trees and the rule was I had to touch the last tree before turning back and leave a token at the tree bottom which we picked up on the way out. This was to ensure I didn't cheat. Which I never did because were would the fun be in it if as soon as I had to do something challenging I found some way to avoid doing it. It may be risky and if I was discovered I would be humiliated beyond my imagination and I don't me the sexy sort of humiliation. I mean the sort where at worst you could end up in a police station and on the front page of your local paper. Something I would not want in a million years. So why take the risk?. Sexual pleasure, my sexual pleasure, my submissive sexual pleasure, that’s why. If the risk was not there then the thrill would not be so great.

June came up with the idea of leaving the token at the turn around point to prove my task was done.
June was wickedly cunning, it was one of her better qualities at the time. She could be a real bitch sometimes. Not in a nasty hurtful way but in a naughty I'm going to make things harder for you so you know I'm in charge way, she loved to play the bitch. A good example of this would be a regular trick she would play on me when we started living together, it would happen at any time, day or night and in any whether. I never knew when it was going happen.

I would go outside the house for just some normal reason and then when I returned to go into the house I would find the door was locked and a key would be left in the lock on the inside so even if I had my key I couldn't use it. There I would be locked out of my own house and I'd have to ring the bell for June to come and let me in.

She would arrive at her leisure and pop open the small top window next to the door. Then she would demand I strip naked and pass all my clothes through the window to her. To start with she would let me straight in but this changed over time. Sometimes after being made to strip naked I would have to wait longer before being let in or I'd have to walk around the garden or house.

The worst time she pulled this trick was once when she had a friend around. I went out to the shed and returned to find the door locked and June stand there next to the open window. Strip, she demanded, at first I thought she was joking as she had her friend there sitting in the living room. She was not joking. I was forced to strip and pass my clothes through the window, she then put all my clothes into the washing machine and started it. Then she let me in. I was mad with her for pulling such a stunt while her friend was there but with me standing naked in the utility room I thought it best not to start shouting about it.

She then told me I had a choice, stay naked and definitely be seen by her friend or try to get up the stairs and into the bedroom for some more clothes. Some choice that was. June then went back to her friend and left me stood there naked.

I walked quietly across the kitchen and into the hallway. Then I saw another of her cunning little tricks. To get to the stairs I had to pass the lounge door which she had left wide open. Luckily her friend was sitting with her back to the door so I quietly stepped past the door way. June was facing the door way and saw me go past, she had a big smile on her face. I got to the stairs and walked up as quietly as I could then into the bedroom and at last I could dress. I never left the house again until her friend had gone home.

So you see June was not the type to let anything stand in the way of her fun. She said that there was a power line pole down the opposite lane on the left hand side. So because I could not touch the twenty four tree this would be the twenty fourth tree substitute.

I said she couldn't be serious, but she was. She reminded me of the fact that she had several humiliating photos of me and what she would do with them. June had been blackmailing me for sometime and up until now it had always been easy to meet her demands. I didn't dare go against her as even if she didn't take revenge straight away there may come a day when if we broke up on bad terms she could use the photos to get her revenge on me.

I knew she would carry out her threat as she once told me she was going to show her friend a naked photo of me. I didn't believe her and told her she would not dare do it. My mistake, she did and years later her friend still brings it up and loves to humiliate me with the fact she saw my naked photo.

So I stripped naked, every thing off except my shoes and opened the car door. I stepped out onto the lane edge. I quietly pushed the car door closed, as soon as the door was shut June locked it and started with the shooing hand signals to get me on my way.

I started my naked walk along the lane, I had to walk as June had forbidden me to run which meant it took me longer but walking was quieter than running so it didn't really matter. I was nervous about this walk as I had only ever been up to tree eighteen before and this time I was going beyond the lane end and across the main road. That would be tricky if not impossible.
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