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Posted 04-20-2018 at 11:19 AM by ILike2Watch

All of us have our weaknesses, but very few of us will adit to some of the darker ones that we keep hidden.

My weakness, my absolute weakness that I have NO control being treated like I don't matter at all. Like when two men get into an argument, each evaluates the other and the possible risks associated with their own behavior and comments towards them. If another guy were to treat me like I do not worry them in the slightest bit and they feel like they can say anything, do anything they want to...without a care in the world if I like it or not.....would instantly strip me of all my masculinity.

This can be from another male or even a female. Example, I like to give people access to my computer in my home office that I keep all of my wife's nude photos/videos on. I especially enjoy doing it when I travel and can not be there to know when someone logs in.....let alone WHAT they are looking at, copying or even installing. Most guys will log on nervously, see if I am there....and once they realize that I am really not there.....just look at pics, then go.

It is utterly humiliating for me, knowing that some strange guy has seen my wife's naked body, seen her perform sexually for me...and even some guys we have included in our sex games. Maybe they even uploaded one of her videos to their computer and are jacking off to it....all of this without her knowledge! She has no idea that people can access her photos like this. I secretly have discovered I love the feeling.

What these guys don't know, is just how easy it would be for them to get anything they want from me. If they only knew how submissive I truly am.

If they were to treat me with the same regard they would give to a small child....even my opposite....a girl! This would be humiliating, but not as humiliating as what they can't see or know....what it would do to me, how it would make me a little girl. An extreme example, I get a strange text from someone telling me how have enjoyed being on my computer....what they found....and how much they are enjoying cumming looking at my little wife. They arn't rude, just confidently explaining to me what they did or are doing.....not caring if I have an issue with it. He wants more now....and not just photos or videos. He is treating me like one would if they were trying to manipulate a little girl into getting in their car with them. I do not think I could hide what it would do to me very he would be able to get anytyhing he wanted.

If someone were to do this, I swear that I would not even hesitate to provide them with anything they want or arrange for anything they want.
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    Very well written. Would love to chat with you.
    Posted 04-20-2018 at 11:28 AM by Mrppv420 Mrppv420 is offline

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