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General Talk with Mistress post the usage the next day

Posted 12-30-2009 at 06:19 PM by karaninmumbai

Karan: hi
Priyanka: hi
Karan: good morning Mistress
Priyanka: morning?
Karan: its 1am
Karan: how r u and your friends?
Priyanka: they are good
Karan: hope they liked u using me
Priyanka: yes they did
Karan: oh its a relief. what did they say?
Priyanka: they were proud of me having a slut like u
Karan: oh i am so glad to hear that
Priyanka: though they hoped that u would be more proactive
Karan: yes mistress
Karan: i will improve
Karan: i am naked right now but cant play as my wife is in the bedroom sleeping
Priyanka: get on ur cam
(I put my cam on now)

Priyanka: do u have videos of how u want to be treated?
Karan: yes Mistress
Priyanka: lets see ur taste
Karan: you will have to download it from rapidshare
Karan: i will give u the links
Priyanka: k
Karan: ok hold on
(I give her some links)
Priyanka: hang on
Priyanka: one at a time
Karan: the last 2 are face sitting ones part 1 & 2
Priyanka: k
Priyanka: all the girls abused on u on ur cam the other night
Karan: all? only you did
Priyanka: all of them
Karan: oh i didnt know
Priyanka: i know
Karan: yes maam
Karan: i have to go now. do u want me to show u my asshole or something?
Priyanka: show me the videos on ur cam
Karan: i cant as my cam is inbuilt on my vaio.
Priyanka: k
Karan: should i go?
Priyanka: do u titty fuck ur wife?
Karan: rarely
Priyanka: doggie?
Karan: yes i do
Priyanka: ass?
Karan: yes
Priyanka: she likes it?
Karan: yes
Priyanka: grab her hair and do it to her?
Karan: yes sometimes
Priyanka: good
Karan: ty maam
Priyanka: woud u like to be fucked liked that by your mistress?
Karan: yes mistress
Priyanka: and one of my friends forcing down her strapon down your throat
Karan: yes mistress
Priyanka: like me slapping u with my tits?
Karan: oh yes sure mistress. call me over whenever u want
Priyanka: ur wife does that to u?
Karan: no
Priyanka: have u served a mistress in real before?
Karan: no never mistress
Priyanka: where did u get ur toys frm?
Karan: my bp was ordered from but they dont deliver here so i got it delievered to my london office and they in turn sent it to me in our aircraft
Karan: vibe was purchased on ebay india thru some seller but i have no contact from him anymore
Priyanka: k
Karan: i have a catalogue of stuf that can be bought in india with prices if u want
Priyanka: scan it and send it
Priyanka: does ur wife have big tits?
Karan: not too big
Priyanka: do u like eating cum frm my pussy?
Karan: yes i do
Priyanka: i am big into pee & scat
Karan: you can shit on my body but i wont eat
Karan: i may drink most of your pee but i dont think i can drink all
Karan: after you forced to lick my pee the other day, i did drink a little pee later in the night. frankly i didnt like it
Karan: i dont want to lie to you
Karan: should i go now?
Priyanka: k
Priyanka: u can go
Karan: want to see anything before i go?
Karan: will u call me up tomo?
Priyanka: i dont do phone
Karan: so then we will never meet?
Priyanka: i have answered that question before
Karan: u have? i dont think so
Priyanka: i sure have
Karan: u have asked me if i will do this or that. thats all
Karan: ok maam, i shall take your leave now
Karan: kisses to your asshole
Karan: good night
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