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Walking outdoors nude in chains like a slave - Report from 31th of July

Posted 08-13-2013 at 12:46 PM by Tordalk

Last week I was very horny and decided to try out my new medieval Feet- and Hand-Cuffs. They seem like old ones and have very heavy chains connected to them.
I imagined being a slave who has to walk with his tormentors to the slave market…

I wanted to go at the shore near the marina, so I had to go along the highway, where I couldn’t be naked because of a gas station. So I had to wear some clothes and carry my things with me. I was thinking about putting them into a bag later and tie this to my balls, so I have to drag it, or to attach a extra weight like a stone, but I was too horny and had edged too much so my balls were aching and I couldn’t stand it, so had to carry the bag with my hands. Also I wasn’t able to tie a string from my balls to the chain, to carry it with my balls

For my route I decided to walk P3, P6 and P1 to the marina. You can see the map here or at this post in my GetDare-Thread. Then I would walk P18 and P16 and somehow back home.

When I was at the marina I took the path that is a little bit higher than the shore and follows a dam between the water and some reed areas. I stopped just behind the marina and begun to undress behind a tree.
I always heard people speak somewhere. I wasn’t sure if there were some people on a boat or if there were some people in a garden far away, but their voices were coming over the water.

I put off all my clothes, even my shoes and stood naked on the dam. I put a ball-gag with holes in my mouth, so I couldn’t speak and would have to drool. Also I put a clothespin to each nipple, because the tormentors like their slaves to be suffering and to be trained to stand as much pain as possible for their future masters.

I put on the restrains and felt the cold iron on my skin. I locked them and was in chains. Unfortunately I had only one key for my feet and one for my hands, which I need to lock them, because otherwise I had put them somewhere where I had to go to, but like this I had to carry them with me

I put a lock to the chain between my feet, so it was very short then and I could barely put one foot to the tip of the other and like this I had to walk very slowly.
It was really exciting to walk in these chains on the dam with flat area to the left and flat area to the right, imagining being a slave in the clutches of merciless tormentors.

So when I came to the end of the dam there were some stinging nettles and I was hitting my cock to them, imagining the tormentors decided to torture me a bit for their amusement. The nettles were not so fresh, but they hurt. But this made me even hornier

It was very dark in the forest when I entered it, but the ground was very soft and not as painful as the crushed stones on the dam had been.
I was drooling the whole time, which was very humiliating.
For safety I took a flashlight with me, I had to use sometimes to find the right way. But with the short chain the way was incredible long…

From time to time I was twisting the clamps on my nipples, like my tormentors would like to have some fun and to hear some noises of pain.
My right ankle was aching, because the iron was rubbing against the skin
I was thinking about stopping the whole thing, but I wanted to stand it.

Later on P16 the forest wasn’t as dark as before, because there was some light from the gas station coming to me.
First I thought I could try to get to the dog training ground and free myself there and walk back home, but then I decided to go in chains to my house. On this way I had to pass the hut in the corner of P4/P3 and I was worried that there could be some teenagers or homeless people, but nobody came to me.

Trying to make no noises I passed the window of my parents sleeping room and opened the door and went into my room still in chains.
There I freed my aching limbs. My nipples were burning like hell and my jaw was in pain too. I walked about 3 km, 2 km in chains (1.3 miles).
Before going to bed I cleaned my really dirty feet, wiped off the saliva from my body and went to bed, where I had some pleasure while thinking about my adventure… ;-)

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    secretspanker's Avatar

    wish i could do this to a girl!

    wish i could do all this to a girl!i would love to parade a 'slave girl' naked and outside-a chain around her neck and a whip in my right hand-preferably in wintertime!while i am wraped up warm she has to freeze her tits off!i wont do it for very long though in case she dies of pneumonia!if it is very very cold i think 10 minites would be enough-anyway i would stop her from becoming too cold by thrashing her bottom constantly with the whip and making her jog on the spot constantly to keep warm!
    Posted 08-17-2013 at 07:08 PM by secretspanker secretspanker is offline

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