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Fun times with Master Stephen

Posted 01-05-2018 at 08:52 AM by Thatgirlhypno
Updated 01-05-2018 at 09:00 AM by Thatgirlhypno

I honestly cannot even remember how Stephen and I met or how we came to messaging so frequently on Kik, but he has requested I write down some of our most interesting times together so all of you can laugh at me too...

-Stephen has a very small cock, and I've never been interested in them at all... So as punishment for being repulsed by his tiny cock, I was made to beg him to send me a picture of it every time I wanted to cum. I had to cum looking at his little cock and learn to love it and worship it.

-Once when I was housesitting in a very small bachelor apartment, Stephen made me spend my entire night rotating between humping a mini fridge and the toilet bowl. (Lets not forget he also made me lick the toilet clean frequently) When I was finally allowed to cum after hours of humping and edging I was so desperate, I was at the point I'd do anything to cum... To cum I had to have my head in the toilet and pussy humping the toilet bowl. Personally I think the worst part is when right after you cum and its like the fog lifts and you realize all the disgusting things you'd just done to cum, realizing how pathetic you really are.

-Grass time: I'm the lovely summer months Master Stephen made me go for a walk in my back yard... once far enough out back he made me strip down to just my panties. I was made to chew on grass like a cow. When I spit it out the grass, I had to spit into my underwear. after I'd pleased Master by doing that long enough, and my underwear was plenty full, I was allowed to cum! I had to hump the ground like a proper animal, with the grass in my panties as an aid. I came and instantly was disgusted with myself and the nasty grass in my panties. I tried my best to get all the grass out, unfortunately most of it stuck to my pussy and ass and I had to wait until I was allowed to shower to get really clean.

-Sleeping on the floor: A handful of times when Master Stephen was bored with me or I wasn't corporative, I was made to sleep on the floor... I live in a fairly freezing cold country- so this was NEVER enjoyable.

-Wedgies: Master Stephen thoroughly enjoys a good wedgie... I have a certain thong known as my "wedgie undies" and when asked to put them on I always know what I'm in for. Masters favourite wedgie is always me hanging myself off my door knob. Its particularly painful and definitely my least favourite... Ive also had to do bra-connected ones when going out with friends before. Over the shoulders, and a few others.

-My "boyfriend", Master Stephen just loves to have me "makeout" with or give "blowjobs" to my boyfriend... aka my bedroom doorknob! This is one of the things I hateee the most. Its so humiliating and degrading having to refer to my doorknob as my boyfriend. Even when my "boyfriend" gives me wedgies. I hate that I enjoy it half the time too.

-Toilets, I'm often made to lick the toilet before I'm allowed to use it. Sometimes I just have to continue licking while Stephen is bored, because he loves to waste my time.

-More time wasting: Stephen likes to make me waste my time for his own amusement. Often by doing "body-writting" This often looks like me turning my stomach, tits or both into targets. Colouring in my feet black, or entire breasts black. Sometimes I have to write humiliating things on my body, like "cock-breath" one of his favourite names for me.

-Just before I was asked to write this i was made to edge by humping my chair leg. Fun times.

Anyways i'm sure I'll add more to this in the future when I think of others,

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  1. Old Comment
    That was awsome.I do hope we get to hear more of your adventures
    Posted 01-06-2018 at 09:41 PM by 2bchew 2bchew is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Thank you for your comment! Please let me know if you have any other ideas for us.
    Posted 01-11-2018 at 11:34 AM by Thatgirlhypno Thatgirlhypno is offline

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