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Some of my personal goals are:
**Set a budget and stick to it. I spend far too much money on needless, frivolous things.

**Officially stop drinking soda and never drink it again.

**Walk/Jog 2-3 days a week now that the temps in Florida are a little cooler. (with the time change and my work schedule, this will take some time. Mainly have Saturday and Sunday to do this. May be getting a gym membership soon and then it'll be easier)

**Eat healthier. Stop eating out. Take a lunch to work.

Goals completed:
**Finished my online class.
**Started walking/jogging 1 day a week.

I may need a little help sticking to some of these things(okay a lot of help.) I'm going to use this blog to keep myself in check. If you'd like to help "motivate" me, feel free to PM me.

Likes: Mild spanking, nipple play, bladder control, Orgasm denial, being on display via pictures, hidden public, writing stories with a specific topic or prompt

Dislikes: Public display time, Corner time, writing lines, belt spankings, switch spankings, anything to do with piss, mouth soaping, anal

Limits: Family, Friends(except those that know about this side of me. There's a few), scat, permanent marks, social suicide, anything illegal
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Posted 01-08-2018 at 10:18 PM by jessi

This slutpig has been naughty again. Drinking soda after not having any for a few weeks, swearing, being disrespectful and lying. IT deserves to be punished and punished often. this slutpig will keep itself in pain daily. This slutpig will beg its master to punish, humiliate and degrade it daily.
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