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New master, new log

Posted 11-25-2017 at 04:49 PM by Humiliationsub
Updated 01-14-2018 at 02:46 PM by Humiliationsub

I have a new master as of now and he has requested a new ejaculation log. My last cum was Monday 20/11/17 during the session with the blue polka dot panties (pics in my album). From now on, all activity will be under his control. Master has said that I can only cum at his instruction or with his permission, any unauthorised emmisions (quite possible as I can get very overexcited when dressing, following orders and taking pics) will earn me a punishment.

26/11/17 amazing chat with new master, got pretty hard at points, lots of precum leakage. Master has made it clear that he now owns my dicklet and sissygasms.

27/11/17 edging to sissy porn.

28/11/17 stimulation to erection in the shower, left alone for 3 hours then edging to sissy porn.

29/11/17 big erection in the shower thinking about the message I was going to write to my master. Big erection now from writing it. Just going to have to try and ignore it until it goes away.

30/11/17 spent an hour or so looking at sissy pics and captions. Erection has died away but sissy dicklet is full of precum. I can feel it all sat there.

01/12/27 over an hour talking to master on omegle. Dripping precum for the whole session and getting harder as it went on. Now time to tuck it away and try to sleep.

02/12/17 tried to keep my mind occupied all day, but naughty thoughts kept creeping in and giving me precum leakage.

03/12/17 master has set me a task which involves looking at sissy pics and captions, this means I’ve been leaking precum for quite a lot of the day. He’s also sent me a message and asked me to set up a poll, this got me very excited.

04/12/17 very busy at work today which has kept my mind occupied. I've just added a few more pics to my album and added descriptions to them all, that's got me leaking a bit.

05/12/17 been feeling very naughty all day. In the shower tonight I wanked myself right to the limit before directing freezing cold water onto myself. My balls really quickly contracted, but I stayed hard for a good while until finally my excitement passed. Balls have been aching for the last couple of hours, I’m not sure if it’s from the cold, the amount of cum in them or both.

06/12/17 been really good today. Not had too many naughty thoughts, and haven’t played with myself.

07/12/17 have just completed a photo task for my master (see my album). I’ve leaked and dripped loads of precum the whole time I was doing it. I’m still very aroused by it.

08/12/17 rock hard and dripping! Spent an hour chatting with my master. He turns me on so much. Off to bed with a hard on again.........

09/12/17 woke up hard, been dreaming slutty sissy thoughts all night. Thought about my fantasy all day. Added my fantasy to my blog tonight. Never been so horny. Never leaked so much precum. Never been so long without cumming, never been so aroused for so long without cumming. Need Friday the 15th to arrive ASAP.

10/12/17 woke up incredibly hard again this morning. My underwear was very wet. I think I must have had very naughty dreams and leaked buckets of precum all night. I’m counting down the days until Friday.

11/12/17 I’ve had to rest my dick and mind today. After the weekend I’ve stayed off line and kept my mind pure. It was all too much and I was at risk of an authorised cum.

12/12/17 getting so close to Friday now, I’ve been looking at sissy porn tonight to tease myself in the run up to Friday.

13/12/17 the ache is back tonight, dull and constant it sits in the area just above my sissy dicklet.

14/12/17 the thought of being so close has made today very difficult. Constantly horny and in expectation. Semi at work a lot of the time. Spent a lot of time leaking precum

15/12/17 TWO ORGASMS TODAY! Although both were ruined and I think I only had permission for one. I hope master understands. Pictures in my album, I suspect he’ll have me blog about it at some point.

16/12/17 sort of satisfied after yesterday, but already having naughty thoughts and thinking about a proper cum.

17/12/17 well I know why master made me ruin myself on Friday. It felt good to cum on Friday, but it wasn’t satisfactory. I’ve been incredibly horny today. My mind is working overtime thinking about things that I wouldn’t normally do.

18/12/17 very horny today. Very tempted to wank, but I’m sure my master will not be happy, so being good for now.

19/12/17 it’s been a good day today. Keen to know when master may allow me to cum again, but tried not to think about it too much.

20/12/17 (1) been edging to sissy porn again (see pics in my album). Feeling very horny, spending a lot of time browsing lingerie and identifying things I’d like to own.

20/12/17 (2) spent an hour or so chatting on Omegle. Hard and dripping the whole time, went to bed hard.

21/12/17 woke up hard. Assume I hadn’t been hard all night, but given the wetness and stains in my underwear, it’s a possibility. Have been good for the rest of the day.

22/12/17 2 hour Omegle chat with my master. Hard and dripping the whole time. He’s given me a new task from the 24th to 31st. You will notice a significant change to this blog. My mind is working overtime what will happen from the 1st onwards though. The start of a new year is a convenient date to start a new phase and easy to count from *gulp*. Going to bed very, very hard tonight. God I’m a lucky sissy slut.

23/12/17 I wanted to keep my mind clear today, no mental or physical stimulation in readiness for the next 8 days. However I’m starting to realise that my master is getting to know and understand me. I’ve thought about my upcoming task for most of today, he also gave me a mini task which has involved me thinking sissy thoughts and browsing slutty clothes and lingerie. As a result I’ve been dripping for most of the day and my balls have ached since I woke this morning.

24/12/27 (1) Happy Christmas to me! Thank you master. Master has given me a Christmas present. I am ordered to cum for the next 8 days. All must be ruined and eaten. It’s just gone midnight and I was keen to start so I’ve just ruined 9 day’s worth into a glass and drank it.

24/12/17 (2) so a ruined orgasm has helped with the ache in my balls as it’s gone. It definitely not helped with my horniness, woke this morning with the desire to masturbate like crazy despite only cumming 8 hours earlier.

25/12/17. Chatted late on 24th with a Dom on Omegle. Got me hard and dripping, as chat was ending I realise it was past midnight, so hey, why not, here I go again. Ruined myself into my empty pint glass then drank it all down like a good little sissy. Thank you master.

26/12/17 got it in just before midnight. Quick wank then hands off! Into a glass again as I find that a better way to ensure I catch it all then drink it all.

27/12/17 fourth ruined orgasm in 4 days. Caught this one in my hand then licked it up. Master has ordered me to ensure I consume all of them. Half way through my Christmas present now!

28/12/17 today’s ruined orgasm completed and consumed. I can confirm that humping a pint glass as you ruin your orgasm into it gives no satisfaction at all.

29/12/17 first time on cam for my master. He watched as I ruined myself into a glass and drank it. So exciting and humiliating, my little clitty didn’t even get full hard before I shot my sissy load.

30/12/17 hopefully my last ruined orgasm for a while as master has granted me permission to wank and cum normally tomorrow (although I still have to eat it, as that’s what sissies must do) as I’ve been a good girl since he took ownership of me. Today’s ruination was in the shower when I dribbled my cum into my hands and licked them clean.

31/12/17 thank you master. Thank you for allowing me a proper masturbation and ejaculation. You made your sissy very happy and grateful.

01/01/18 no orgasms today. I’m guessing that I may be entering a new period of denial.

02/01/18 master has confirmed that I’m entering a new period of denial.

03/01/18 happy and content with my denial. Master had me drain myself well over the festive period and he very generously allowed me a full masturbation and ejaculation on the 31st, so I’m satisfied at the moment.

04/01/18 still being a good sissy although I know my horny thoughts are starting up again. Spent today thinking about a new task that master has given me.

05/01/18 well it’s back again. After updating my blog yesterday I viewed a lot of sissy porn. I’ve been horny all day today, I think it won’t be long before the ball ache is back.

06/01/18 another good day. Still not too horny, didn’t look at any porn all day which helped.

07/01/18 had a fantastic humiliating chat on Omegle with my master tonight. We discussed the cam session that I am going to do for him next week. Our chat got me pretty hard and dripping. I went to bed hard.

08/01/18 woke up hard this morning. I think this could be the longest 10 days ever. I’ve been denied for 8 days so far and can feel my horniness building. My cam session is over a week away, but already I’m thinking about it a lot which gets me hard and dripping. Master has also set me a couple of tasks which will keep arousing me. One of them involves looking a pictures of sexy women, which is something that I’m not allowed to do very often.

09/01/18 I’ve completed one of the tasks that master gave me on Sunday. I’m now dripping and my balls are aching.

10/91/18 disappointing news today. Cam session with master has to be postponed. So upset I’ve not been horny today.

11/01/18 did the first stage of a new task for my master tonight. That got me a little excited. I’ve just read a message and replied to him. That’s got me hard.

12/01/18 pretty horny Today, but not done anything to increase my torment.

13/01/18 even hornier today. It appears that 2 weeks from cumming is the point at which things start getting more arousing and frustrating for me.

Continued in log 2
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