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Hypnotism: Trial & Error

Posted 06-04-2008 at 01:11 AM by Joker

Couldn't sleep so I figured I would hop on here and post a blog.

After reading the thread about hypnotism i was very curious to try it. I went over to warpmymind & signed up and downloaded a few random ones that caught my eye.

The first one I downloaded was one called "Penis growth" and I thought "No way.." so for chits & giggles i downloaded it and added it to my mp3 player. I have listened to it twice so far and with vary results. 1st time I listened to it nothing happened, didnt get put in a trance and my penis didnt grow any either. So earlier tonight I decided I would listen to it again, this time it put me in the trance I was out before he counted down to 7. But needless to say all it did was put me to sleep. One guy on the site commented that after listening to it 4 or 5 times he noticed some growth, so I will keep you updated on that!

Another one I downloaded was a file that was to open up the "creativity" in my mind, only listened to it once but it has had the most success. I am going to listen to it more, because the first time I listened to it I didnt even fall into a trance.

After reading about 14 comments on how awesome the "Female Orgasm" file was I decided to go ahead and see if it lived up to the hype. Now I'm not into the whole feminization thing at all but the comments made the expirience sound pretty intense so I couldnt help but give it ago.. Didn't put me into a trance but managed to get me semi-aroused.

The other 2 I downloaded were "Trance Sex" & "HypnoFantasy3DVision" And both were pretty boring and I probly wont give either of them a shot again.

Needless to say my interest has been peaked and I will continue to try the files that have somewhat worked. In the next few weeks I will post a blog updating how well these files have worked for me the more I have listened to them.

If you have any ideas for files I should try let me know!
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