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Posted 02-10-2018 at 02:44 AM by acronymboy

FLR, CFNM, SPH, ABDL, Sissy, MF, OTK, IRL, LTR, Cuck, ANR/ABF, CHAS ( -tity ) , HUM ( -iliation )

I decided I’m going to use my journal to explain why I found interest in each of the acronyms that have made me an acronymboy.

One at a time … and in no particular order.

CHAS (-tity)

The thought of her being in control of me without her having to be right beside me nurtures so many things, not the least of which being arousal. It’s a basic and fundamental starting point to produce male submission. You take away the easiest way he can feel anything pleasurable, the one thing he keeps private. And without that, his brain is forced to rewire itself.

It starts with being locked up, initially just a playful gesture that has no effect on him. A typical guy could hold out and not play with himself for several days without losing control. The heartier souls will man it out a few days more than that. But every male in the world eventually gets to that point.

And when the first urge he can’t ignore arrives, he suddenly realizes he was denied this surefire pleasure before that urge ever showed up. Then more urges arrive, with shorter spans of time in between them. But the denial is ever-present. He loses touch with his comfort zone, no longer sure where to find it.

She sees this transition happening and always makes certainly to keep his chastity key visible on her necklace. This reminds him of her absolute control. And with this reminder, he suddenly becomes even more attentive to her than ever before. It’s a nice change in him, pampering her and giving her greater comforts. These actions are ironic encouragement to keep him in chastity. He is aware of this and it is excruciating for him to think that, whether he becomes a completely different person or remains unchanged, the end result will be the same.

He tries to get her worked up, tries to get her in the mood. But he is told “no”. This verbal denial heightens his emotions. A typical guy is attuned to certain emotions, but now he is becoming overwhelmed with all sorts of new emotions and he fails miserably at handling them.

Here is where her sympathies kick in. She gives him things to do to distract his mind, long lists of chores that seem never-ending. And he compliantly does all the chores, with such precision and attention to detail that she praises him for his efforts ……… but she doesn’t unlock him.

Then on some days, she gives him no tasks or chores to do at all, leaving him to have an overactive headful of thoughts. And with each though, he slowly begins to understand that his actions should not be fueled by the belief of a personal reward.

He begins lavishing her with attention and she finally does get sexual. He eagerly and passionately keeps his mouth between her legs, her thighs wrapped around his ears as she spasms and quivers. And afterwards, she is affectionate to him, her mind and body making her feel like she is in a dream world. Her affections soften her heart, but not her resolve.

His reward? Another glorious round of teasing. But this time, she makes him beg her to unlock him. She tells him she wants to hear the passion in his voice, seeing the helpless tears in his eyes and knowing that he enjoys being wrapped around her fingers.

Then she redirects his pleas, telling him to beg her to not unlock him, to not allow him to orgasm for another week, or another month or however long. Almost crying like a baby, he begs her to keep him in chastity longer - stunned to hear those words coming out of his mouth. He is obedient without pause - because the only hope of any release is hanging from her necklace.

Chastity teaches him to appreciate the things he could not have appreciated without the redirection of his thoughts - through a physical control that gets and keeps his attention.


When I looked at chastity with the above thoughts in mind, it suddenly appealed to me tremendously. Yeah, there’s a strong fantasy element to it, but that of moment of down-to-Earth reality is even stronger.
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