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Ground force!

Posted 05-24-2014 at 08:18 PM by secretspanker
Updated 11-24-2015 at 02:59 PM by secretspanker

'god!what a mess!'-Nigel Hargreaves looked at the overgrown mess that was his garden in his magnificent stately home in North Wales-Aberclwyd house-he was up to his eyes in debt!if the slump went on for much longer,he would have to sell the entire estate!there were also cockroaches in the kitchen!the place would soon be uninhabitable!'it's no good darling!we'll have to move back to southampton!'his young wife Rachel was devastated!she had grandparents from round here-both of them had put their life savings into restoring the late 18th century house 'the original owner sir George Davies never had this problem!he was raking it in from the profits from his plantation in Jamaica!'she said-this got Nigel day in late summer,several vans pulled up on the estate-men and women-mostly naked,were ordered out 'get a move on you scum!there's work to do!'said whip wielding men and women dressed in black leather 'what the hell is going on darling?' a thoroughly bemused Rachel-sunbathing in her bikini by the swimming pool-which was now in a very poor state asked Nigel 'i got the idea from sir George!' Nigel beamed 'Slaves!''Slaves?' Rachel said bewildered 'yes Slaves!by using slave labour i can completely restore the house and its estate!''but that's terrible!'said an appalled Rachel 'i'm going to the police!''darling!you don't understand!these people wan't to be Slaves!there part of a sado-masochist society!'-and so they were!there were all here by choice!'many of us have got bored acting out the same old master slave scenario's in the comfort of our own homes-we wan't to experience the delights of the countryside!to fall into cow pats!to be fixed to ploughs!that sort of thing!'said one 'Slave'-a 23 year old girl from birmingham 'let's get this straight from the start!your here to work!'said the strict dominatrix cracking a whip 'any slacking will be severely punished!do i make myself clear?''yes ma'am!'the 'Slaves'all stood upright and cried-they had obviously been all trained well!for the next year,the Slaves worked very hard-when they could take no more then more were brought in-they seemed to be no end to them!the house and grounds were restored to their former glory!and as each Slave had to pay for the privelidge of working for the Hargreaves,their massive debts were cleared!the house and its grounds soon brought tourists-a new source of revenue!-it's stunning gardens soon attracting the BBC's 'Countryfile'team-it's attractive young Blonde presenter-Ellie Harrison,was shown walking about the now trim and tidy estate with Nigel-who told her he had saved his estate with the help of some 'local volunteers''they come every summer and winter to help out-i would be lost without them!'Ellie smiled 'i'm not afraid of doing some hard work!how about me?'Nigel couldn't help bursting into laughter as he had a mental image of Ellie naked and in chains and pulling a plough!'i'm so sorry Ellie! but Countryfile is a pre-watershed show!'Nigel tells the thoroughly bemused BBC presenterSECRETSPANKER
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