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I was dumped naked. Part 2:

Posted 12-09-2017 at 02:04 PM by deedeedosst

It was about 10:30 on a warm summers night, the three quarter full moon was shining brightly and I was walking down a public road naked. I had reached the third tree from here I stood no chance of getting back to the car to hide if something came down the lane.

The trees were unevenly spaced out along the roadside. I would pass one or two trees and then the next would be twenty five or so metres along. When I past these large gaps in the trees had no cover at all and if a vehicle came down the lane I'd have to move fast to get into cover.

As I walked along my cock was semi-erect and bouncing about before me. I would reach down every now and then and slowly stroke it as the pre-cum ran down my shaft and over my balls. I would also rub, squeeze and pinch my nipples as I went along getting me even more turned on.
I was nervous but also extremely horny.

I past the eighth tree and noticed some car lights coming straight towards me. I couldn't make out exactly where the car was. With another lane directly opposite the lane I was on I couldn't tell if the approaching car was on the opposite lane or coming down the my lane. The only clue was if the car started indicating to turn on to the main road at the crossroads.

I was confused as to where the car was so I hid behind a tree and waited. Luckily I did as a couple of minutes later the car drove past with its lights on full beam. I was sure I was out of sight but the cars headlights still showed my nakedness.

I started to walk again, I past a few more trees and then noticed a light shining over the road from behind me. I turned around and saw a car coming straight towards me. I dashed across the grass verge and behind some bushes. I was really scared as I thought I had been seen and the car would stop to see what was going on. It didn't, I guess I got out of it's light beam just before the drive got a clear view of me.

I had to wait a couple of minutes to let my heart slow down to a normal pace and then I was back on the road. I safely got to tree nineteen then I had to hid from another passing car, I saw this one coming and hid well before it reached me.

Back on the lane I got to the twenty third tree and hid behind some bushes next to it. I was now very close to the crossroads and lots of cars were passing by and the whole area I was in was being lit up by their headlights.

On the opposite side of the road there was an old pillbox, a concrete structure that had been built to guard the crossroads in case of invasion during world war two. It was all over grown but between it and a hedge at its side there was a gap I could get down and stay out of the sight of the passing cars.

I waited for a gap in the traffic and then crossed the lane, I hadn't realise that the ground dipped on the other side and I was shocked as I started to loose my footing going down into the dip. I managed to stay up and got into gap. From here I could see the main road in both directions, the only trouble was there was a dyke right in front of me. So I would have to go out the way I came in and then get across the crossroads, this made it more tricky.

I must have been there for at least ten minutes, but it seemed like hours, before I could see a gap in the traffic. I knew I would have to be fast so while cars were still passing the lane end I crept from behind the hedge and worked my way as close to the main road edge as I could. All the traffic was passing left to right so as I was crouched down at the left side of the lane end they would go straight by and hopefully not see me there.

But there was two problems, if a car came from right to left I'd be shown up in there headlights and also I a car turned into the lane I'd be busted big time. I couldn't afford to hang around there. As soon as the last car before the long gap in the traffic had pasted me I got up and walked very quickly across the road. I made it to the other side OK but only to find more problems,

The end of this second lane had no cover at all and I standing right outside the house's window being lit up by the yard light. I could see the power pole (twenty four tree) down the lane a little and I walked as fast as I could to it. I placed the token at the bottom of the pole and then started to walk back towards the crossroads. Then I spotted it.

A car was coming from the right side and it was indicating to turn down the lane I was on. I had no cover, I couldn't reach the crossroads and cross over in time. I was starting to panic and thinking this is getting seriously bad for me. My only opposition was to run into the field as far as I could then duck down and hope the cover of the dark would hide me. But the problem with that was I would be running towards the car that I was trying to avoid.

I ran into the field as far as I thought save and laid flat on the ground. The field which had had wheat in it had not long been harvested and the stubble stuck into my naked body as I lay there dead still. It was like laying on a bed of nails. But my cock didn't mind as it was growing harder and press itself deeper onto the stubble.

The passing cars lights lit up the field around me as it went by. I sighed with relieve and got to my feet only to spot another car coming the same way. I laid back down on my bed of nails and waited and waited. Thirteen cars past by as I was laying there on the stubble. When I final got to my feet I could feel little dents in my skin from the stubble poking into it.

I slowly edged my way back to the crossroads and for once I was having some luck. The main road was clear of coming traffic. I crossed over the road and didn't even stop as I headed back down the first lane towards the car.

After two more times hiding I finally reached the car. June was sitting in the front seat asleep and laying in the centre consul was her favourite rabbit dildo. I tapped on the glass and she opened her eyes and popped the door lock so I could get in the car. I held the dildo up and said to her “being having fun have you”, she looked at me while rubbing her pussy and told me how much it turned her on making me do these things.

I reached onto the back seat to get me clothes, they were not there. I asked June where they were and she told me she had locked them in the boot and that as it was dark I would sit there naked while she drove us home.

I looked at the time, it was now close to midnight, I had been out walking naked down the lane for over an hour and a half. But my night was not over yet.
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