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I was dumped naked. Part 3:

Posted 12-09-2017 at 02:07 PM by deedeedosst

On the way home June pulls over to the roadside near a small bridge that crossed a drain/river to allow access into a field, she then orders me to get the car and to walk around it twice. I was thinking it was just the usual fun and got out the car. June locked the door behind me, again nothing unusual in that I was now accustom to being locked out the car. I completed my two times around the car and went to the door, it would not open, it was still locked. This was not usual and neither was what followed.

June slightly opened the window and told me I had to walk home. “walk home” I said out loudly before realising I should keep my voice down as houses were near by. I protested to June saying that I was naked I couldn't walk home from here as it was over two miles away. But my protesting was no good, June was not having any of it and she closed the window and drove off as I watched the tail lights of the car disappear into the night my cock became hard.

I couldn't believe it, I had actually been dumped and left to walk home naked. I had read about and indeed fantasised about this but this was real. I was really naked and really dumped two or more miles from my home. It was a crazy feeling, I was nervous and a bit scared as I had no car to run too. I was stranded. Although nervous and scared I was also turned on and the more I thought about my situation the more turned on I got.

I then spotted a car approaching. There was no cover by the road so I had to run across the bridge into the field beyond it and crouch down, hoping I was far enough off the road not to get seen.
Although it was night there was a full moon and I could clearly see things around me which meant I could be clearly seen as well.

The car and two others past by and I thought about getting home, I was not going to walk along the road as there was little cover anywhere on the route back to my home and I would have to pass in front of a lot of houses and street lighting. Luckily I had lived there all my life and I knew how to get home through the fields and farm tracks but I would still have to cross two main roads.

The field I was crouched in was growing wheat and with it being nearly full grown it would be hard to walk in. Plus I didn't wish to damage any crops and get into trouble. I know that was a crazy thought seems I was walking around in a semi-public place naked, but I guess I thought being caught naked was better than being caught naked and destroying crops.

I started walking along the river side across the field end. I was heading for a track I knew that cut across the fields parallel to the road. It was further than I first thought and I had to crouch out of sight of several cars before I reached the end of the farm track. Just as I was going to turn on to the track a car I had not spotted a car racing towards me and as it past I was lit up in the full beam of its headlights but it just kept on going. I was startled by this but as the car kept going I thought I'd be safe enough.

The farm track had hedge down one side until about half the way down, then it became open to the surrounding fields and roads. I walked along the track reasonably confident that I would be unseen. The track was about a mile long and ended next to a main road.

This road had traffic on it, cars would come from either direction in small groups. I had to keep well back from the road edge as the cars headlights would shine a fair way into the lane end. I crouched and waited for a break in the traffic then I ran out the lane end and across the road into the opposite field.

This field was empty of crops so I could walk across it but in doing so I had gone wrong with my directions and I was further from where I thought I should be. This meant I would have to cross another extra two fields as well as the two I had left to cross. But now in front of me was another road and another wait to cross it. It seemed to take ages for a break in the traffic long enough for me to get across. I could not believe the amount of traffic at that time of night.

Finally the chance came and I ran across the road, I was about to step into the field when I suddenly realised that there was a dyke running along the field edge. I managed to stop in time so I didn't fall down it. Then suddenly a car came around the corner and I was still stood in the road. I turned and ran back across the road. When I was about halfway across the cars headlights hit me full on. I just kept running. I ran well into the field I had just come from and crouched low as the car carried on past. As it past were I had been in the road it slowed down and I started to worry but then it took off again and I breathed a sigh of relief.

This dyke on the other side of the road was now going to cause me a problem as I had to walk close to the road to be able to see when I could get across the dyke. I must have spent the next half an hour dodging cars by running back into the field and back to the road again. Eventually I found the field gateway and got across the road and into the field.

It was now a case of having to cross four more fields and a farm track to get back to the rear of my house. Crossing the next two fields was easily done but then I had to make a diversion to avoid a house that was close to the next fields edge. At that time in the morning I doubted the occupants would be awake but as I knew them well I thought it best not to chance going straight by their property.

I crossed the third field and then a small track which ran down to a farm yard and then finally I was in the last field that backed onto where I lived. I climbed over the back wire fence and started walking up the drive, I had forgot about the security lights which switched on as I walked past. I had finally reached the back door and a note attached to it read:

I hope you enjoyed your naked walk I enjoyed myself thinking about you stranded out there naked. I have gone to bed, if you don't wake me when you come to bed I will suck you off in the morning, if you wake me I'll slap your balls really hard. The key is in the usually place.
Love June

OK I will admit I was tempted to accidentally wake her and get a good ball smacking but I was desperate to cum so I really wanted her to give my cock a good sucking instead. Plus if she was in a bad mood from being woken up my balls might really suffer to much beyond the erotic.

I fetched the door key and let myself in quietly and as I slipped into bed by June's side I noticed her favourite dildo on the bedside table.

In the morning I was woken with a wonderful blow job followed by a good hand job and as June described how she played with herself the night before she shot my cum all over my chest.

This was one of most thrilling things I had ever done and June promised she would repeat
it again and I wouldn't know where or when she would do it. This really kept me turned on for weeks afterwards, but I am sorry to say that it was not repeated the same way again despite all my hinting.
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