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Pm (i prefer only females girls give me dares as they have better imaginations)
support will wear a bra for one day

Public female clothing for one day ask if dont see on list
Under x and i will wear female attire under my clothes for x days
babygirl and will wear disney little firl panties for x days or huggies princess diapers for x
if use + dress choose short pink skirt or little girls dress and will be added to the x order
pm public and choose want to wear and will do so or ask if have clothng has been expanded if your female and furnish kik i will send picture proof of any pm tasks
pm xx and may specify any double digit max of hours to dress how wish me
pm total babygirl and be female and will do diapers ext including baby food what ever wish for a time specified not to exceend 49 hours but may repeat females kik on this for images of proof

PM add and what to add and how long and will add to pm dare list for that time
pm tm(temp body mod) and will make it if can to my body for x time
pm LM (long durations) mod and will do so for x time
pm online exposure and will take what pics say to and you post where ever you like and show who you like for each picture post you do i have to do 4 more humiliation or embarrasing pictures for it to be removed removal doesnt mean you cant repost again later or to another site videos same except hve to do 3 videos for one to be removed
pm group girls gang up and set up a group cht and i have to do what all say or be humiliated embarrrassed by all the girls in chat
pm H and E and kik or other chat for pictures or video of me doing what say for you or you and friends girls
if any girl not in west georgia have a girl friend
who would like to do live pictures or actions to me while getting directions from others in georgia they can pm live nd have the person chat and set things up


Posted 06-13-2018 at 12:10 PM by abwantdmommyga (pm dare list)

my clothing conssists of but not limited to
mini black skirt
micro black skirt
mini/micro semi sheer black dress with lace sleeves
various bras
various panties but no thongs
little girl panties disney princess and disney fairies
actual princess diapers pink and
boys blue diapers of similar kind
black panty hose sheer
black lace with bows panty hose also same style in reg thigh highs
sheer black thigh highs...
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new to site so some basic information

Posted 08-01-2015 at 01:37 PM by abwantdmommyga (pm dare list)

i am cross dresser into embarrassing humiliating situations and public prefer by females
my favor idea if could figure out how to do would to in public like mall or such with female clothing under my clothes or baby diaper on and some girl knows and take this opportunity to with her friends or by her self to black mail me into a full cross dress and doing anything they choose so as not to be discovered takes my male clothes and disposes of them i do love extreme risks
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