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New fantasy

Posted 12-09-2017 at 02:41 PM by Humiliationsub
Updated 01-07-2018 at 01:57 PM by Humiliationsub

Master has requested that I write a new blog entry about a fantasy, so here goes..........

It’s friday night and I’ve been locked in a small spiked chastity cage for just under 3 months, it’s certainly the longest I’ve ever been without cumming. I’m chatting online with my master and begging to be released and allowed to cum. We’ve been chatting for hours with him constantly teasing and hinting that I may get release.

“Pleeeeassseee master, I’ll do anything “ I write.
“Please unlock and release me”
“I’m certain that I’ll be able to cum without even touching myself”

I’m sooo horny, my mind is running away with itself and I’m writing anything and everything in an effort to convince him.

“Ok Amy” he replies. “Next weekend you will do ‘anything’ and we’ll see if you can live up to your claims”

The week drags so slowly and I’m so excited all week thinking about what might happen next Friday night. Each time I think about it too much, the cruel spikes in my chastity cage cause me pain which focuses my mind to other things.

Next Friday night comes around and master picks me up. We drive to a hotel a few hours from my home town. The receptionist gives us a funny look when we check in, particularly as I’m 41 and my master is 18. We get an even weirder look when she is sure she hears him say “Amy carry my bags” and I reply “yes master”.

We go up to our room which is on the 6th floor. It has an amazing view, across a large public car park, beyond which is a river and some parkland, with the city centre lights twinkling in the distance.

Master hands me a bag, tells me to get in the bathroom, shave and get ready. I run a hot bath and give myself a full body shave. I then apply body lotion, make up and a shoulder length blonde wig. I’ve got an electric blue and black basque, with suspenders to go with my black seemed stockings. I’ve got some cute electric blue panties with a little black bow on the front on them. I feel so amazing as I put them all on. I check myself in the mirror ensuring I look perfect before going back out into the room to see my master.

“Wow Amy, you look incredible!” He exclaims as he licks his lips.

I notice that the curtains have been tied back allowing a clear view out of the floor to ceiling windows that our room has, he has also turned on every light and lamp in the room.

“Amy, go stand with your nose touching the window and scan the car park. You are to count how many cars flash their lights”

I follow his instructions and look down at the car park as I stand at the window, over the next 3 or 4 minutes, I count 12 cars flashing their headlights.

“Erm 12 sir” I say unsurely

“Good the craigslist ad had a good response, you are going to put on a little show for them”

“Now get over here, on your knees and show all the nice people out there how you show master your appreciation for how he treats you.” I hurriedly drop to my knees, undo my masters trousers and are his hard cock into my mouth. I focus on pleasing him with my mouth, tongue and lips. I soon feel him tense and know what is coming next. His big cock fire’s hot streams of cum down my willing throat. I thank him for the cum as he does his trousers up and walks to the corner of the room.

Master pulls the high backed arm chair over to the window so that the seat is facing out. He orders me to lie over both arms. He cuffs my wrists to the chair legs on the left hand side and my ankles to the chair legs on the right hand side. He shoves a ball gag in my mouth and fastens it behind my head then pulls my panties down so that they are around my thighs. I hear him moving around and opening another of his bags. I barely register the sound of the swish before I feel the sting of the cane on my ass cheek. Master gives me 10 firm strokes on each cheek before untying me.

Next he takes a suction dildo from his bag and sticks it on the window.

“Get on your knees slut and suck that until it’s wet” he orders.

I hungrily suck and slurp on the dildo.

“Now turn round and back up onto that” he commands. “You are going to use it to fuck yourself for 10 minutes and let all the nice men in their cars see you doing it.” “Do not dare have a sissygasm or you will get 100 strokes of the cane”

Master places a tray on the floor in front of me so that it is positioned under my caged cock. I work the dildo as well as I can, but am careful not to overdo it and give myself a sissygasm, however precum pours out and is collected on the tray. Master come and stands in front of me and I know that I’m about to get both of my sissy holes filled. The good thing about having a younger master is that he’s always hard, ready to go and full of hot cum. I suck on him as I rock forward on the dildo and draw my tongue back along the underside of his cock as I push back to feel the dildo filling my boipussy. As we near the end of the allotted 10 minutes, I feel him tense and he fires another big load of cum into my mouth. I remember to thank him for sharing it with me.

When my 10 minutes are up master orders me to stand up facing the window and lick all of my precum off the tray. Once I’ve licked it totally clean, master tells me to sit on the bed and draws the curtains.

“Now Amy my sissy whore, you’ve been good and done everything that I’ve asked. I’m going to allow you to do something that you mentioned in our chat last week. Now strip!”

I quickly take my lingerie off, anticipating the delightful orgasm that I’ve earned.

Master has me lay on the bed and fixes my wrists and ankles to the 4 corners. He then gets wratchet straps out of his bag and places one across my thighs and one just above my hips. He tightens them both up so that the centre area of my body is totally immobilised. He then fumbles with my chastity cage, unlocking it and finally removing it.

My cock is free for the first time in 3 months. It immediately springs to attention and is harder than I’ve ever known it before.

“Now Amy, you seemed to be sure that you could cum without it being touched, so off you go!” He is smirking at me. “I’ll give you a little time to try and I’ll do something to help you focus on your situation “

Master puts a blindfold on me, then plugs my ears and puts ear defenders on me. I can see and hear nothing. I have one thing and one thing only to focus on, that is my hard, twitching erection. I desperately try to move, trying to even fuck thin air, but I can’t move even a millimetre, I have no way to get any friction, stimulation or sensation on my cock. I’m completely humiliated and frustrated. I don’t know it, but master is taking photographs of my tears as they silently escape from behind the blindfold and roll down my cheeks.

I don’t know how long passes, but I’d guess a few hours before I feel something very cold around my groin. He must have gone and collected some ice. My cock twitches, but very quickly shrinks back to its normal size. I then feel the chastity cage being locked back into place. I’m untied, the blindfold, ear plugs and ear defenders are removed.

“Well Amy, you obviously didn’t need to cum as much as you claimed you did, therefore you’ll now be locked for the next 6 months!”

Master is watching my face for a reaction and he sees me wincing in pain, he looks slightly confused before looking down at my groin and seeing my swollen dicklet being pricked by the spikes in my cage.

“Oh my god that’s made you hard, you are such a fucking slut!”
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