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A fantasy day with master

Posted 11-05-2016 at 02:36 PM by Humiliationsub

I arrive just after 9am and nervously ring the bell. I know how the start of this will go as we've agreed the first few hours, but after that I'll be in his hands. The door opens, I step inside, strip naked and hand my clothes over, I know they'll be returned at the end of the day. Master begins the inspection, he cups my balls, pinches my nipples and slaps my ass. He takes measurements and notes down sizes.

He leads me upstairs and shows me into a room, it contains a bed, a chair and a spanking bench. All 3 have wrist and ankle restraints attached. I sit in the chair and he attaches the restraints. He leaves the room and I look round. There is a bed along one wall with some clothes laying on it, another wall has a dressing table with a large mirror, I note the blonde wig and make up. All other wall space is filled with wardrobes and chests of drawers. I know that these will eventually become full of my clothes and outfits. Master returns and places ice on my throbbing erection, we talked about this and knew it would be required for him to be able to fit and lock the chastity device.

Once done he speaks for the first time. "Please fix your hair and make up, dress in the clothes I've left on the bed and shout me when you are ready. I put on the black 36dd lace bra and fill it with the breast forms that he's left for me. Next I put on the suspender belt and stockings. I notice that there are no knickers so I slip on the French maids outfit and sit at the dressing table to do my hair and make up. Once done I sit on the bed and call him "master, sissy Amy is ready for you".

Master walks into the room naked and sporting a huge erection. He looks at me and I see precum drip from it. Master walks over to me and I take him in my mouth, licking, kissing and sucking until he shoots his load down my throat. We've reached the end of the agreed start to the day, I will now take my orders from him.

"Amy, you are to spend the next couple of hours cleaning my house. I shall be taking photos of you, particularly when you bend over and that short outfit exposes your sissy ass and caged dick." After I've finished cleaning, I'm ordered to prepare some lunch for us both. I can't eat a lot as I'm so nervous.

After lunch master addresses me. "Amy there are some new clothes in your room, you are to keep the stockings and suspenders on, but swap into the other clothes, we will then be going out to the shopping centre."

I go back to my room and swap to a bright red bra, some red lacy panties, a short black leather mini skirt, a sheer cream blouse and some black heels. The bra is very visible through my blouse! I'm pretty nervous about being taken out in public, but master knows this is what I crave.

We arrive at the shopping centre and park in the underground car park. Master hands me a list. "Amy you will carry out the instructions on the list. I will follow you round and discretely film you. You will not acknowledge me and I will not acknowledge you." I look at the list:

1. Get your eyebrows threaded.
2. Get a manicure
3. Buy 3 pairs of panties and 3 matching bras from Victoria's Secret.
4. Buy a slutty outfit from any shop of your choice.

I find completing the tasks to be exciting and humiliating. I'm sort of passable as a woman so customers in shops and people I walk past don't always notice, however many men look me up and down due to my slutty outfit and see thru blouse. Some have a look of disgust when they see my face, others leer and lick their lips, but fortunately most are with wives or girlfriends so nothing more happens. Talking to the shop assistants always gives me away though as I haven't perfected a girly voice, however they are generally all nice, although the girls in Victoria's Secret gather round and giggle at my purchases.

I meet master back at the car and he sets off driving us home. As we go down the motorway, he pulls in at the services and parks up in the corner furthest from the services building. "I think you might like your next task Amy. Get out and come round here so you can suck your masters cock." I hurry round, sink to my knees and fish his cock out of his pants. I begin hungrily sucking it. As he's about to cum, he pulls it out of my mouth and takes it in his hand before shooting his hot cum all over my face. It's dripping from my hair, in an eye, on my nose and all across my cheeks. " now that looks pretty Amy! Be a good girl and go by me a cheeseburger" he says and with a wink he adds "and you'd best be looking equally pretty when you come back".

I head off to the services with my heart racing, I keep my head down and walk as quickly as I can in my heels. Some people definitely notice, I get funny looks, people point, a group of lads try to take photos on their phones. The lady in burger king looks at me with total disgust. I hurry back with masters burger, which he eats before we head back to his house.

We arrive and head back up to my room. "Amy you've been such a good girl today that I feel bad caning you, but you must know that I'm in charge and you need to know your place. I will only give you 12 strokes rather than the multiples of 12 that you will get in the future should you disappoint me. Now strip and get over the spanking bench!"

I know that master is only doing what we've talked about, do comply with his wishes, however I'm sad that I hadn't done enough during the day to spare myself the caning. Master applies 6 firm stokes to each cheek. It's warm and uncomfortable, but not hugely painful, however I make a mental note that I never want to be given more than 12, I will always try to please him I think to myself. "Amy, applying the cane and seeing your red ass has made me horny again, you've one final task to complete before I give you your clothes back". He walks round and presses his cock to my lips for the third time today. Again I hungrily slurp on his huge cock and enjoy swallowing all of his hot cum.

After taking a moment to compose himself, he unfasten the restraints and gives me my clothes back. I remove my make up and wig, place my clothes that I bought and the ones I've been wearing in a wardrobe and chest of drawers. I head downstairs and find him sitting in the lounge. Nervously I say "master, I've really enjoyed today and I hope that I've pleased you, but I think there's one last thing to be done." I place my hand on my chastity cage. "Oh that. I haven't forgotten Amy. If you'd like that to come off, you'd better come back next weekend "..........
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