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droptokon 11-21-2016 07:51 PM

Undressing in public
Now the weather in the northern hemisphere is cooling down I have a challenge for our female members to think about.
I know many women (maybe all?) can remove their bra from under a top without removing the top and this got me wondering if it would be possible to carry this all the way, to undress fully in public BUT under a larger coat.

So to be clear you wouldn't be nude in public just nude under a coat. :D

The logistics would require you to have a bag handy to pop each item of clothing into as you remove it. As to how you manage that and if its even possible that's for you to decide.
My only other rule is you must start off fully dressed, at a minimum, bra and panties, top and pants or skirt and of course your large overcoat.

Part of the thrill of this will be just how public a location you pick for your undercover strip. So what do you think, up for it?

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