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Default learning to swallow

From personal experiance:

The first time you cum in your mouth its going to be rough. the texture, temp. and consistency is unlike anything you have ever eaten. Like all delicacies, cum is an acquired taste. One thing to remember is that it is not in the same category as other bodily excretions. cum is a substance that is produced by the body for the purpose or reproduction similar to eggs. Although most people don't eat raw eggs they are very similar.

The biggest problem with swallowing your own cum is that your only opportunity comes at the end of the sexual experience. But, what if you could cum at the beginning of your sexual experience? do you think that would turn you on? Well then what i would suggest is to cum in a small sealable container and freeze it until your get the desire again to swallow your own. when your ready, take the frozen sample out of the fridge and use a spoon to break it up into small chunks. start masturbating and whenever your brave enough, take a small amount on the spoon and insert it into your mouth. you may notice a rubbery thick consistency which is caused by the freezing process. If you have the courage, try to swallow and you will realize that its not so bad. if you can finish off the whole cup then maybe next time you can eat two frozen samples at a time. if your really couragous try saving enough to make an ice cube or even an icicle.

after a few sessions of swallowing frozen cum you will be eager to try it straight from the source. if you don't like it this way then try to figure out what works best for you.

Good luck!
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