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Originally Posted by GoodGirl View Post
I will take a truth again because I simple cannot STAND ice insertions! The very first kink I usually tell them about is spanking. It's innocent and fun even for a beginner to try. The very last one I would tell them about is balloons - yes, balloons?! I know, that's why I tell them last haha.

Truth: If you could pick one sexual skill/talent, what would it be?
Dare: Kneel on the floor, keep your hands behind your head and touch your nose to the wall for 5 minutes.
Truth: To achieve multiple orgasms in a short period

Truth: Have you ever masturbated when you were in a bus or on a train?

Dare: Try to achieve 5 or more orgasms in 1 hour
I have a boyfriend so I'm not here to seek a master or something, I'm here just to have some fun

22yo Belgian straight girl

Likes: Clamps, Soft spanking, Ciit discpline, Forced Orgasm, Hidden public, Nipple play

Dislikes: anal sex, public, illegal stuff, gross things

Toys: Dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps, vibrating clamps, clitoral clamps, hitachi wand, and a buttplug (I don't like that one)
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