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Old 09-11-2018, 06:41 AM
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Smile Predicament/dare needed (30/F)

Hii , I am asking for a predicament scenario/dare to do. I am home alone right now, and I can dispose of the whole bedroom but cannot exit it. My toys are:
Butt plug
Ring gag
Household stuff (broom, plunger...)

Likes: anal, bondage, bdsm, breast bondage, nipple play/torture, hidden public (VERY hidden), pain (not too heavy), torture (not too heavy), food play (bananas, grapes...)

Limits (might do as punishment): spanking, sensation play (toothpaste, vicks vaporub...)

Dislikes (won't do): public, scat, family/friends, scarring, permanent, and anything that might be stupidly dangerous.

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Old 09-13-2018, 06:17 PM
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Default Predicament exposure

This works if you have window thatís overlooked
Strip nude or to sexy underwear
Drink two large glasses water
Now if curtains have pull ties itís easy if not need to use string or rope
The idea is to position yourself behind drawn curtains so hidden from view, all room lights on full, hands tied to each curtain pull ideally arms stretched wide and high use slip knots to secure each wrist. To get free you have to bring arms down and hands together but this will pull curtains open and expose your naked or sexy body to anyone outside . Best if when trying to untie arms fully exposed.
You will stand there worrying about pulling open curtains which due to need to pee you will have to do maybe if you wait long enough nobody will see you
Enjoy change as needsed
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anal, bdsm, bondage, butt plug, dare

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