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Default Pleasure with my sweaty friend

Clara was my best friend for at least 8 years, we helped each other when the other needed, I know that she is here always for me and I also tried to help her when she needed. She helped me a lot after I broke up with me pretty boy David and reminded me that we plan a trip for 2 days into wild nature. And finally the day was here. She picked me up with her car and we drove maybe 40 minutes till we found a pretty spot and decided to check it out. We left the car on the end of the road and took just some important things in our backpacks and of course our tent. The nature was really pretty and we also found a small lake with clean refreshing colder water so like first thing both jumped there. After a while we got out and dried soon on hot sun. It was sunny summer day and was really hot, close to 100F. I said Clara that I take care of the tent and she said she will look around, make some pictures and in half hour will be back. Tent built in 15 minutes but in this heat it was enough to start to sweat so I jumped once again in the lake. Hour past and Clara still nowhere. I tried to stay calm but she was too precious person I would able to be really calm. But there was
nothing I could do, just to wait. In 2.5 hours I saw Clara coming back, i was so happy she is OK. I looked at her, she was gasping, all red in face and sweating so much that her face and troath was like bathed in sweat. For 8 years iI never had one sexual thought about Clara, she also was engaged but now suddenly I felt how mu she arouses me.
I was just few month after I broke up re David, 5 years younger boyfriend. It was really hard for me, I loved him like person I want to spend my life with. Besides that David was first person I told about my desire to pet and love him. So many years I just just masturbated and imagined petting all sweaty boy or girl, imagined their pleasure and now I'll have such pretty boy and in few days and went to their family cottage. David knew I want to make him sweat like river.. and running belt was the right tool. Already my first orgasm we both agree that for my boy's body will be the best to keep sweating and feel really nice after that'd and I convinced him that his sweaty body will make me feel amazing and cum allover. From first time I loved to smell my boy, his body after intense sweating. David was very clean boy and did shower sometimes 3 times in a day but his body after 2 hours bathing in sweat.... Then having such close boy I love and at same time the incredible physical arousal, I love generally to smell my sweaty partner but David ... that boy gave me so much pleasure......But back to Clara. She helped me psychically a lot after I lost David.
Now was Clara in front of me, sweating like river. My cock was hard in seconds. She saw it very clearly. Clara said : " What made you such aroused? " I looked in her eyes and said : " I know I shouldn't do it because you are my best friend but ... She said : " I know that sweaty bodies make you aroused. Is it such strong arousal ? " I said : " Yes, Clara, I've never seen girl sweating so much and I remember how did i feel with David. " Clara said : " You are my best friend and I can see how you need it. Let's zgo in the tent. I feel somehow horny because I made you such aroused. You're also sweating, my boy.... yes we both naked and in tent. I also love kissing and feel nice, caress my body. I said : " Clara, the,pressure is incredible, body of my best friend bathed in sweat. Clara, yes keep fingering yourself, moan. " She whispered : " Patrik, you're sweating more and more, I love to feel it. " " Clara, I want to last yet but I can smelly your body. " She said : " Try to,last for little while yet, I want to feelyour cock in my pussy. I know you must cum it out.. Cum on my sweaty body. Kiss me my boy, I love to feel your dick in my pussy, now come, you need to cum. " I grabbed Clara's shirt. " I want to smell your body, Clara, yes, I must cum. " I was shaking in strong orgasm and cumming load like pornstar allover my friend's body. She smiled : " Good boy, I also,need to orgasm. Want to smell your body, yes, I feel every touch my pussy, I'm coming , Patrik . " Clara was pressed to my body shaking in strong pleasure.
Tired and dehydrated we laid holding hands, feeling sweet relief in our sweaty bodies.

Clara is now married and lives in Australia. I'm single now and if here is girl willing to experiment then write me please. I'm looking for steady relationship but trust me, your sweaty body will make me loss consciousness. I hope I can give similar pleasure to you.
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