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Default Nyc & London: Couple/Switch/20 seeks Couple/Dom/All ages ~ m+f couple seeks m+f couple

20 year old switch couple seeking a dominant couple of any age

25+27/m+f couple seeks 21+/m+f dominant in any location (must PM photo)

Quick & important note:
This is a bit of a strange circumstance. My Dom and I haven't been together in person in about a month and a half, and he hasn't cum since I was last there. It was a mixture of missing me and being too busy, but after realizing how long it'd been, we decided it would be more fun if he didn't cum until our next meeting in mid November. While he's in a vulnerable state, we decided to do a bit of experimenting and are on the lookout for a dominant couple to play with us until that meet up, though we might be opening to having one on cam session for you when we're actually together if all goes well.

About Us:

HER: I answer to Lola and I currently live in the North-East U.S. I love to make incredibly corny jokes and have been known to quote my favorite shows and movies religiously, so if thatís a pet peeve of yours, youíve stumbled onto the wrong ad. I love movies/television and watch several different genres for both, so if you feel like you need to break the ice just ask me about my favorite shows! Iím an avid reader and will devour books in one sitting. Iím a HUGE animal lover and I LOVE to travel and try new things..especially new desserts (I have a serious sweet tooth.) I have what could be considered a shopping addiction, but I just consider it a veryyy expensive skill I have a pretty long work week and a less than pleasant commute, but I take my job seriously and donít like to comment much on what I do for a living for privacy reasons. As for me as a submissive, Iím very loyal and open. Iím not afraid to say what I do and donít like, and Iím definitely not one to stand for being mistreated. I wonít be able to be a ďyes Sir, no SirĒ sub and am not fond of following very strict rules. I like to have fun and try out new things and scenes, and want to feel free to laugh and be cheeky while we play. I like to have a bit of variety and am open to trying most things at least once so long as it doesnít break a limit of mine.

I'm James and I'm a complete sport nut! I play several sports throughout the year and when I'm not being active, I'm normally watching one of my many sports teams lose . I live in England and work within London in a sales job, so I'm often quite busy, stressed, and have very limited phone time during the work day. Though I'm a switch, I have a very alpha personality. I am very outgoing and have a tendency to speak my mind, which may put some people off but generally I'm patient and understanding. My submissive side doesn't necessarily match my build and it can be fun for the right dominant to see a big strong guy fall to his knees in pain and desperation.

What we look like:

HER: Iím 5í2Ē with medium length light brown hair with a few natural blonde highlights here and there. I have large green doe-like eyes and my lips are also a bit on the large side. I have my ears pierced in several places and am currently tattoo-less. Iím pretty curvy and have things I both love and loathe about myself, but for the most part Iím happy with the way I look.

I'm 5'11, with red hair and a full beard. I have small-ish blue eyes and a wide build, with broad shoulders and a huge chest. I'm quite built, so my stomach isn't very noticeable and my legs are very toned. Also, I can confidently say I have a great ass for a man (;. I don't have any tattoos or piercings and I am happy to shave off any body hair from my chest to thighs. If you're wondering about my penis size, it's above average.

What we're looking for in a Dominant Couple:

We need a couple who are literate, forms complete sentences, and is comfortable talking about anything and everything. We would like you to have availability a few times a week, though contact every day is not required. We want a couple with realistic ideas and tasks, and who are interested in the both of us as we will be not chatting one on one at all. Experience would be beneficial, but is not necessary as long as you feel you're fun, creative, and fair. You should feel comfortable sending pictures since we will require verification, and we are happy to reciprocate.

Kink lists:


Mild pain, edging, denial, forced orgasms, temperature play, roleplay, pretty bruises, mutual masturbation, occasional control of daily activities, wearing lingerie/costumes, light humiliation, wax play, talking dirty, teasing, hidden public, light degradation, pet play, bimbofication.

Curious about:
Cock worship, electrical play, obedience training, objectification, begging, restraints, sensory deprivation, mild pee play.

Things that fall in between likes/dislikes:
Body writing.

Most bondage, stretching, corner time, kneeling, line writing, most writing tasks, anal, watching porn.

Enemas, saliva, scat, putting anything either toys or fluids into my mouth, gags, body modification, blackmail, extreme insertions, messy play, fingering myself, feet, anything illegal or involving others, nipple or pussy pumping, choosing my clothing while in public, exposing my stomach/face, stuffing panties into any of my holes, obvious public, anything that can disrupt my career/or personal relationships, food play, meal control, things like toothpaste/chemical play.


Gags, forced sexual objectification, forced orgasms, heavy bondage, forced oral, face sitting, long/extended play sessions.

Mild-moderate spanking, edging, denial, role play, mutual masturbation, occasional control of daily activities, light humiliation, talking dirty, teasing, light degradation, pet play, body writing, begging, restraints, sensory deprivation, name calling, cock & ball bondage.

Curious about:
Pee play.

Things that fall in between likes/dislikes:
Temperature play, sissification, chastity cages.

Face paint, enemas, saliva, body modification, blackmail, extreme insertions, messy play, feet, anything illegal or involving others, obvious public, anything that can disrupt my career/or personal relationships, food play, meal control, things like toothpaste/chemical play, wax play.

A few important things to keep in mind before you apply:
-You must be a couple.
-You must be able to form intelligible sentences.
-You mustnít demand pictures/videos off the bat, we're more than happy to send them and include them in play, but at our discretion only.
-We donít like my personal details, play sessions, or the like discussed with please respect our privacy
-You donít need to reply with an essay, but you should reply with more then a line or two.
-We are willing to send photos and videos, but will require a few in return.
-We won't tolerate couples who are only interested in one of us, this is an equal endeavor.
-All communications will be done in a group, you will not play with either of us one on one.
-All photos/videos sent are not to be saved, shared, or distributed.
-We aren't afraid to decline certain tasks if we feel it could disrupt our personal relationship or cause problems for us as a couple in the future.

Contacting us:

If youíve read our ad and think weíd be a good match, let me know what your names/nicknames are, how old you both are, what your likes/limits are, and a bit about yourself. Also, we donít accept friend requests unless I know you well or feel comfortable with you..please donít take offense to this! You can contact us by pm or kik, but please make sure you add us both into the message .

We've attached most of the toys we have to work with below, and also have a few albums between the two of us so you can get a good idea of who we are and what we like. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or send us a message.
  • Kinks:
See above.
  • Experience:
See above.
  • Limits:
See above.
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kik: jameser92
age: 25
location: london
role: dominant

kik: lolafox.
age: 26
location: nyc
role: submissive
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