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Old 04-09-2018, 05:43 AM
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Default (UK) Yorkshire: M/Dom/19 seeks M/Slave/All ages ~ Long term controlling

19 year old dominant male seeking a slave male of any age

Master looking for a serious slave that is obedient loyal and limitless.

I'm ideally looking for a slave that I can control with strict rules and daily tasks that must be competed and punished for tasks or rules not followed or completed. Looking to control everything about you body mind and soul.
Clothing / orgasim / social / sexual / non-sexual control.
Control you by pics and vids of everything that you do. And then you send me a full report of what you have done that day from the smallest thing to the largest thing you have done.

Looking to humiliate and degrade you. Until you are nothing more then my personal bitch that does everything you are told to do. No matter if it small humiliating or extreme and hardcore humiliating you will do it. You will belong to me and me only.

Also looking for a pain pig for punishment and daily tasks. Make you suffer for my enjoyment and pleasure. No matter if it is something small right through to the hardcore painful and sadistic things. You will do it. Torture yourself for my amusement. I'm looking for a slave that is prepared to do anything and I mean anything

Bonus if you are from the uk or round so it is the same timezone however I am open to worldwide and we can work something out. Little to no limits requested and MUST SHOW FACE from start and whenever told to. Any age any body type and size.

I'm not into sissy scat or vomit everything else I am ok with.


Kik - masterofslve

Start with a full frontal pic of you along with your ASL
  • Kinks:
Control humiliation degrading sadistic
  • Experience:
online mainly
  • Limits:
Must show face from start and when to do so
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