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Old 06-10-2017, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by droptokon View Post
Its good that you posted this here, I can explain how for other smaller boobed girls as well.
So the method you used here;
Is the best start for small boobs, although you need to run more rope above and below, at least 3 wraps around the body. Once you have that foundation then you can tighten by pulling the top and bottom together in the centre and on each side with small lengths of rope.
Because of the body wraps it can't slip off, depending on size once you have tightened this section you may be able to start wrapping each tit around (as in bigger boob binding) by weaving the rope behind the existing wraps to hold them down.

Huh, awesome!
I'd never considered weaving the rope through to hold it in place...
I think I will try this tonight I'll post a picture, of course!
Thank you very much
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