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Old 10-10-2016, 07:03 AM
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Default (role play) need the The help of the Pros

Hello kings and queens of this amazing world!

i really need help with this , i want to do an interrogating for cheating , now what setting can i do if i love in an apartment and what scenarios and question list . a step by step or a walk through more details the better, the girl that is coming over is a friends girlfriend that cheated but didnt confess yet, even thou we know its true 100% we tried talking to her to confess she said no and that it didnt happen. so we really need your help another is that she said and i quote " i dont feel like i need to listen to him or that i must" so my friend wants us to make her break and to make her tell him the truth and what difference that she would submit to another.

please the more details the better ideas, tactics, games , things, toys. .
limits no blood no urine or anything like that, no public play .
please if anyone can help out would be much appreciated and wont go unnoticed.
Fuck Love and Respect
p.s, she consented to the scene this is just part of the pre scene
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