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Old 03-18-2015, 09:01 AM
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Default My thrilling experience at the pool

In the warm summer of last year i spent a lot of my time at the pool.
The local pool has great places to take a dive, three different stages to be exact.
A deep pool with diving boards and a huge slide, a normal pool where you can just relax.
And a kid pool where parents leave their spawn so they can sit and talk about the economy.
I had another three weeks off, so i went to the pool to have some fun.
After an hour of swimming and going down the slide, (this sounds out of my age but its really fun)
a guy asked if i wanted to join in on building a raft out of floatables.
He was around my age and wore somewhat tight swimming shorts.
We build a raft and sat on it, but i didnt notice that the wave makers ware on.
The wave makers made us float towards a cornered off section of the pool.
this place was pretty isolated from the rest of the pool, because there was half a wall breaking line of sight.
The guy, whoms name was Ross, suddenly got off of the raft and asked me if i liked him.
"ofcourse i like you" i said, not entirely sure what he meant.
He stood still for a moment "but do you 'really' like me?" he said while placing his hand on my leg.
I was shocked by the sudden sexual urge and mood the pool seemed to bestow apon me in a matter of seconds.
All i could do was stutter inaudible sounds "i.. ehh..u... wh..."
Ross's face made it clear that he got what he wanted, and that he was going to proceed to get more.
He slowely moved his hand up my leg, while moving the other towards my lower back.
I could not believe what was happening, i couldnt move a muscle.
His hand reached the leg opening of my swimwear, he didn't think twice to go further.
He slipped his hand into my swimwear grabbing my balls.
My eyes fully opened gasping for air not knowing what just happened.
Slowely and carefully Ross massaged my balls while his other hand tried to remove my only piece of clothing.
Ross grabbed my dick and started moving his hand up and down, making me moan softly.
his other hand finally succeded in sliding down my swimwear, out of pure natural reaction i lifted my legs
allowing ross to take off my shorts.
There i was, with a guy i hardly knew naked in the corner of my favorite pool.
Ross looked at my cock, looked up and said "you are going to enjoy this"
What he did then changed my entire holiday....
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Old 03-18-2015, 11:32 AM
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Please continue want if d out more
Male 18 7 in
Likes crossdressing, Masturbation, wedgie, spanking, some pee, shower, little anal

Maybe scat no eating, hidden public ,cbt, messy

Limits public ,body writing, candles
my skype is littlesissy55
Kik is jackmiller5569
Pm outfit and i will wear a outfit you say
Pm pic and I will add a new picture of myself dressed to an album here on Getdare.

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Old 03-19-2015, 06:27 AM
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Nice start. Now don't let us wait too long for the next part.
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Old 03-20-2015, 03:05 AM
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Instead of doing what i though he was about to do, he took off my wristband
that opened the locker with my clothes inside it.
"If you want this back, you will have to do whatever i say."
It then hit me how much trouble i was in, and felt some regret.
However i did not have much time to worry, because someone was comming our way.
Just around the corner ware two guys playing a ball game, and the bal fell near Ross and I.
"i'll get it!" i heard one of them say while he hastely swam towards us.
Ross realised that the game would be over ware anyone to see us doing this.
So he flipped the raft and i fell into the water.
Hiding behind the now almost completely destroyed raft i was safe from exposion.
The guy was now right next to us, and Ross gave him the bal back.
"thanks" he said and went back to his friends.
I can remember Ross just standing there, like he was thinking about something.
But i am glad he didn't do anything out of line.. next to what already had happened.
"that was clo-" i couldn't finish my sentance because Ross pushed me over the edge of the pool.
With clear acces to my ass, he started fingering it.
"Next time i'll just let them see it" Ross said, which made my heart race.
There i was, forced down bent over exposing my naked body to someone i hardly knew.
i felt powerless as he held me down with one hand and the other taking off his tight shorts.
Though it wasn't rape, since i actually wanted him to do it.
I was just getting kicks out of making it seem that way.
Out of nowhere i feel something sliding at my penis.
I looked aside and gasped.
Ross pulled down his swimwear and was now rubbing his dick next to my asshole.
"Like i said, you might enjoy this." He said while tipping the head of his penis on my butthole.
I couldn't believe i was about to have sex with a stranger, while not 5 meters away there ware people having fun.
What if i ware seen? what would become of me?
Before i could think of the next i felt something i've never felt before.
Ross pushed his dick in my asshole all the way, making me moan so hard he had to silence me.
"If you're not quiet people will come, unless you want to be seen.."
I bit my lip and tried to stay quiet as Ross pounded my ass.
It felt strange at first, like i was using the toilet or something.
But after 5 minutes it began to feel good.
"how long will this take?" i asked while still being fucked in the ass.
Ross looked at me with half a smile. concentrating on pounding me and said "as long as it takes."
it felt like hours, days even but in the end it was about 10 minutes later that he came inside me.
He kept his dick inside me untill he was completely done cumming. making me feel funny.
"sit on the ledge" Ross commanded. "but people will see me." i replied.
Ross was determined and picked me up.
"i might aswell help you out." he said putting his lips on my dick.

But even after all this, it was far from over.

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Old 04-06-2015, 10:16 AM
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Ross played with my balls as he thrusted his head on my cock over and over.
an unbelievable feeling overcame me as i closed my eyes gasping at the sensation.
I completely forgot that i was in a public pool and just enjoyed the blowjob.
As i came close to climax he stopped and punched me in the stomach.
"I know what you are about to do, and it's not happening... yet," he said smiling.
I had no idea what would happen next, so i waited for him to make a move.
Ross took my swimwear and stuffed them in his.
"Now let's go take a shower."
The showers ware on the other side of the pool, to get there we had to pas a lot of people.
The pool was really packed with people this day.
"yeah ok, just give me my shorts back." i asked.
"I don't think so." Ross replied. "you will have to get there naked."
I was shocked and just sat still for a minute, thinking about what he wanted me to do.
"I'll never make it without being seen!" i said urging him to give back my shorts.
"Just follow my lead." He said leaving me behind.
There ware two things i could do, call out and be seen naked or follow him and hope he knew what he was doing.
I decided to follow Ross and quickly jumped into the water.
Just next to the low wall we ware hiding behind was another wall that lead to the hottubs.
Ross signaled me to cross the gap and i quickly did.
Since the hot tubs ware in the middle of the pool (like an island) there was a bridge leading to them.
I pressed myself to the wall and made my way along to the bridge.
Under the bridge Ross whispered to me "now things get tricky, but just follow me."
Even if i wanted to say something i couldn't, as Ross speeded away towards the slides.
"this is fucked" i thought knowing that the slides are where the kids hang out.
"i don't want to be seen and get arrested for being a creep!"
I had no real choice, all the other ways ware open waters.
with one hand i covered my jewels and started walking towards the slides.
To my relieve the water was never completely still, due to the amount of people in the water.
This made it hard, atleast harder to see my naked body.
As i made it to the slides Ross told me to dive.
"you have to dive from the slides to the shallow area, we are almost there!"
From the shallow area to the showers wasn't a long trip, but there ware less people there and so more detection chance.
"3..2..1.. GO!" Ross whispered.
I took in as much air as i possibly could and dove into the water.
Then i realised that i had to stop covering to swim. ( which seems obvious )
The exposed feeling was unbearable and shame overtook me.
Worst yet, i was running out of oxygen.
No longer able to hold my breath i surfaced, bumping into a girl my age.
I looked at her with extreme emberracement,and she looked at me.. and then down.
When she looked back up her face was completely red and she giggled.
"i'm so, so sorry!" i whispered and took off.
Ross was already at the door that led to the showers, holding them open for me.
"bye" i blurted out and left.
The girl followed me with her eyes, like she was stunned and locked onto me.
I reached the end of the pool. i now had to climb out.
"I have to do this quick, just jump up and run for the door!" i thought.
So i counted to three... and lifted myself up!
I heard the girl giggle louder than before as she saw my ass. ( and possibly more )
The run to the door was to die for, overbearing feeling of shame.
"good job dude!" Ross said after we went inside.
Looking back through the glass in the door the girl was still locked onto me, with a smile from ear to ear.
"now let's shower." Ross urged as he pushed me towards the shower room.
Atleast the showers ware secluded booths that offered exellent privacy.
The showers ware really luxurious, offering a bench, soap, towels and even hairjel.
"No time to lose, i got to go soon." Ross said out of breath of the run to the showers.
He pushed me into a booth and took off his shorts.
"lean against the wall and lift up a leg" He ordered while turning on the showernosle.
The water was really nice even better than the water in the pool.
I did as Ross said and leaned against the wall lifting my leg up.
"You probably know what's next." he said, tipping my asshole with his dick.
"dude your sex drive is huge." I joked while still being flooded by adrenaline.
Ross let out a short but loud laugh, then proceeded to push his dick into my body.
I bit my lip after being penetrated the second time in an hour or so.
He wasn't very forgiving, the entirety of his penis went into my ass.
I felt his balls hitting mine as he pumped away.
Never had i thought about having sex with the same gender, i was tought to reject such thoughts.
But as it now happened to me i became really convused.
"i'm not gay, yet i am enjoying this." i repeated in my head over and over while being fucked hard.
There was a wet slapping sound in the shower room of us having sex.
'slap slap slap slap'
In a way it was an ominous sound, the other side of me loved it.
after a while of pounding my ass Ross started to slow down.
"what's wrong?" i asked.
then with what felt like all his strength he pushed his dick all the way into my ass and came.
"Just cumming in your ass" he said grinning.
he pushed me against the wall trying to get his dick further into my ass.
firmly pressed against the wall it started to hurt my chest, so i grunted.
"enjoying this, are we?" he whispered in my ear with some trouble breathing.
"you are hurting me!" i said, and he pulled out.
Ross sat down on the bench stroking his cock.
He pulled my arm signaling for me to get on my knees.
"No fucking way, how can you still be hard?"
"practice, and viagra." he said biting his lip. "now on your knees!"
As i went down to my knees i realised he wanted me to suck him off.
"i've never done this before." I said not sure if i wanted to do this.
Ross grabbed my face and pulled me towards his cock.
"u'll get used to it, now suck it."
I opened my mouth and hesitated.
But after a couple seconds i closed in on his penis and licked the tip.
Ross however had no patience at all and pushed my head down.
This caught me completely by surprice yet couldnt pull back up.
Ross was holding me down for atleast 10 seconds.
With his dick all the way in my throat, my lips practicly on his balls.
I tried to cough but couldnt.
He then let go and i felt his cock slide out of my throat.
I gasped for air and looked him in the eye.
"like removing a bandage." he said with some strictness.
For a second i looked at his dick which was now covered in my saliva.
And started sucking it again.
I tried different things, using my tounge around the tip of his penis, going deep.
Many things came to play.
After a couple minutes he grabbed my hair.
He violently started controlling my motions thrusting my head up and down his cock.
Sometimes he would make me deepthroat, making his dick slide into my throat and out.
and after some time forcing me sucking his dick he slowed down.
And i knew what that meant.
As he pushed my head down one last time, putting my lips on his balls cock sliding down my throat.
he came.
It felt like a river going down my throat.
There was so much cum i thought it would never end.
When he finally finished cumming he pulled his cock out of me and i collapsed.
I was exausted.
I just lied down on the floor gasping for air and trying to get the cum out of my throat.
Ross left the booth but i couldnt care less.
After a couple minutes he came back.
I looked at him, he was fully clothed.
"smile" he said and took a picture with his phone.
"i added your number to my phone, so i'll give you a call sometime." Ross said and left.
It took me another 5 minutes to get up and leave the booth.
Ross left my swimwear and wristband in the sink together with a note.
It read "thanks for the fun time - Ross.
I put on my swimwear and went to a changing booth to get back into my normal clothing.
While changing i still felt cum dripping from my ass and in the back of my mouth.
It was a strange taste that stuck with me for days.
I left the building and cycled back home.
Finally collapsing on my bed and falling asleep quickly and peacefully.

The end

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Old 09-27-2015, 11:27 AM
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That was awesome
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Old 09-28-2015, 02:13 AM
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Default wow

amazing, the rough sucking sounded fantatic
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