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Old 04-05-2015, 01:49 PM
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Default my auto erotic nightgown fetish

I think it was around nine when I got out of the shower and put on a bathrobe to go get some water from the kitchen and then came back to lock myself in my room for the night. Immediately I thew off the robe and walked naked to my closet of treasures. A suit, blazers and even a couple neoprene wet suits are on the right side but on the left there hangs a nice little collection of vintage nightgowns and peignoir sets. They're all made out of white or pastel colored nylon tricot and chiffon with generous amounts of lace of different widths and styles with ribbons and little flowers here and there also. I perused my collection not sure which one to put on or quite what I would do afterwards, though I was definitely in the mood for one of the more elaborate peignoir sets. I finally chose a somewhat worn but still exquisite bridal white set by Tosca, style number 6720, that I hadn't worn in a while. I had bought the pieces separately on ebay, by far the best place for finding vintage lingerie these days, and they were not in the best condition when they arrived but they were affordable. Another full set in size large and pink in great condition recently went for $299! (scroll down to see it)

Before slipping into the silky soft gown I sprayed perfume between my legs, I don't know why I do this, it's just part of the ritual. I then put on a white, 6 strap garter belt with frilly trim and sat down to pull on a pair of lace top opaque white thigh high stockings. Then I stood up in white sandals that I had procured to complete the outift and attached the garter straps to the stockings. I like to stretch the front and and rear straps to the stocking lace on inside of my thighs so the front and back attachments almost meet there. This time I decided to put my white panties with the lace trimmed leg openings on over the garter belt, instead of underneath it, just to see how that would feel. I actually have 8 identical pairs of panties like that, they were a great find brand new on ebay so I stocked up while they lasted!

Now I was ready to don the gown. As you can imagine it felt heavenly and I also love how it fits me just about perfectly. Then I pulled the puffy sleeves of the chiffon robe up over my arms to complete the feeling of floating in layers of white fluffiness. I felt like a princess, or some ultra feminine mythical being like a nymph, or I dare say... like an angel! I like bridal white also because it reminds me of a little girl dressed in white for her first communion, though in my case I'm preparing myself for an auto erotic communion with my own inner goddess. Now I don't get into wigs or makeup but I kind of envy those who do, I just don't feel the need for it. I do however love very soft, powdery, rosy perfume like Nannette Lepore which I had already used between my legs and now sprayed more on myself and the front of the robe I was wearing. With that my dressing was complete.

Instead of just getting down to business I had decided I would sit and watch Netflix for a while dressed and smelling like that. I chose a light documentary that I watched while I casually caressed myself through the layers of tricot and chiffon. I was feeling kind of tired from going out the night before so I decided to put myself to bed at exactly 10 PM, even though it meant I wouldn't be able to finish watching the program. As the 10 o'clock hour approached a vague sense of anticipation grew, I hadn't planned exactly what I would do except lie in dark in that heavenly apparel. A couple minutes before my bed time I closed the laptop, turned out the light and laid down for the night.

Lying on my bed I immediately started to caress my sides and thighs through the layers and started touching my cock and balls also. They feel amazing when I pet them through that silkiness. By then I had a raging hard on so I grabbed my cock through the layers and began to stroke myself with joyful abandon. I love to masturbate with silky nylon like this, it doesn't require any messy lubricants and it's very intoxicating to feel that silky pleasure on my shaft at the same time I'm feeling the nylon on my torso, ass and thighs. At first the panties were stretched over my cock but I pulled the waist band down so that I could feel the sliding nylon more directly and intensely on my penis. It only took a few minutes before I had brought myself to the edge of orgasm but I wasn't about to cum then, I wanted to keep enjoying all these exquisite sensations. I knew that if I came I would instantly loose interest in all this feminine stuff and would end up spending the night in t-shirt and boxers. That's definitely not what I wanted!

At this point I was going to continue to stroke and caress my cock and try to keep myself as close as I could to the edge of orgasm for as long as I could stand it! I have done this many times so I've gotten quite good at it and I can last for many minutes, sometime much longer I was determined not to cum and planned to keep reminding myself of that any time I got too close. Early in a session like this sometimes there's a tendency for a little pre-cum to escape, sometimes a lot, occasionally it's really weird like an orgasm but not, I get to cum but not all the way and then I can keep going. I decided to put on the sandals and masturbate standing up there in my dark bed room in case I came a little it would be easier to catch it in my hand and keep it from staining my pretty gown. I had another idea at this point, I had seem some posts about wedgies on a dare forum earlier that day so I decided to give myself one while I stood there. The feeling was amazing, very uncomfortable, a little painful, yet extremely erotic, some of my most private parts were screaming with sensation! I continued to stroke myself as my feet slid apart and my legs opened wider causing the panty wedgie to dig further into my butt crack. There was a little bit of cum that I tried to catch and lick up but not so much this time and soon enough that feeling that I was about to leak a little semen subsided so I decided to lie back down again but not until after giving the back of the panties a good tug, as hard as I could, to intensify the wedgie even more cruelly. (I was not able to finish writing that last sentence before stripping down again, putting on the panties and a light gown and giving myself another hard wedgie that must stay in place until I'm done writing this.)

Lying on the bed again I just continued to stroke myself, sometimes very energetically, and sometimes very softly and slowly when I got very close to the edge. As you can surely imagine I was writhing in total ecstasy, arching my back, bucking my hips. I put my pillow aside so that it wouldn't interfere with the full range of my contortions. I was also trying to keep my legs open and as far apart as possible, even lifting my knees and heels off the bed and suspending them there in mid air. Something about this amplifies the pleasure and eroticism and brings that edge even closer as I tease my cock with gentle caresses. At this point I might feel like I'm about to lose my mind or something but that never happens and I'm sure it never will, I just try to lose myself to the pleasure as much as possible and let it just flow through me and out into the universe. Lately I often feel the urge to raise my other hand and cover my mouth, like a little girl who's just heard something naughty, or gently bite one of my fingers or even suck my thumb. Other times that hand will caress the rest of my body, my torso and thighs and especially my balls.

My right hand rarely stops, when it does it's usually just to rearrange the gown around my penis for a different sensation. Sometimes the new arrangement feels so novel as I start to stroke again that the feeling of pleasure is over whelming and I really feel the need to cover my hand with my mouth, just like oh my God this really is truly incredible and unreal! As I get closer to orgasm I slow the pace of the strokes and start to caress my balls more to minimize touching my cock directly so I don't have any accidents. Usually my penis is extra hard at this point and the hood of the head flares out at the edges where it becomes ultra sensitive. Just lightly touching this part is enough to produce the most intense sensations and keep me right on the very edge. Usually my goal is to concentrate on maintaining this state so close to orgasm for as long as possible. Often times it gets to be too much and I feel like I'm about to go over the edge and I must move both my hands away as quickly possible. At this point I sometimes experience a sort of mini or half orgasm that leaves me convulsing and shuddering almost as much as a full one. Sometimes a near orgasm experience like this is a good time to stop and just try to get some sleep but other times I try to start stroking again as soon as possible while I'm still feeling extra sensitive and get back to the edge immediately with no respite. “No rest for the wicked” I’ll tell myself ;-)

Relentlessly forcing myself to take so much pleasure at once, over and over, without stopping, is definitely meant to be a form of sexual torture and the way I experience it shifts and blends between ecstasy and agony. Wearing the peignoir, panties, garter and stockings make me feel so feminine and helpless while this is happening that the whole experience becomes really other worldly, I have no other way to describe it. There are often times where I pass a certain point that I stop stroking and just caress lightly, so close to the edge, where I'm able to take a deep breath and relax and feel this strange sense of peace, like the eye of a hurricane, it's not easy to describe. I wish I could stay there but it never lasts as long as I'd like it to.

After a while there will be times that my mind wanders and I lose focus and start to fall away from the edge of orgasm and it can start to happen more often as my penis becomes a little desensitized, that's why it's necessary to continually re-arrange the nylon to make it slide a little more smoothly or a little more roughly as required. At one point last night I felt I had gotten too far away from the edge so I decided to make things a little more intense and inflict a little pain and discomfort directly on my penis by pulling up the gown and then grabbing my cock and stroking it with a fist full of scratchy lace from the hem of the robe. This drove me wild, it really hurt, not that bad, but bad enough, my penis was screaming with sensation and I was soon back on the edge again. The part where the edge of the lace is sewn to the gown was particularly stimulating as it hung up and scraped against the flared sides of my hood. The lace kept sliding away and I'd end up rubbing myself with my bare hand until I'd grab another handful for a different painful sensation or the lace would pull down my shaft so that the soft chiffon of the robe would caress the head while the shaft was still being scraped by the lace. It didn't take much of this before I switched back to the soft nylon tricot of the gown which was now more than enough to keep me highly stimulated since my penis felt so much more sensitive after having been treated so roughly.

I stayed in this heaven of silky sliding nylon for a long time, a really long time, I'm sure it was an hour or more before I got up to use the restroom. I hadn't planned on doing it this long, often 15 or 20 minutes are more than enough to have me reeling and ready to drift off in erotic slumber, but some times I want more, a lot more. I wasn't sure if I would continue after going back to bed but I was sure that I should renew the wedgie, harder than ever, and that should be a rule that any time I get out of the bed and stand up then I should redo the wedgie, harder, longer, pulling and rubbing, twisting my hips against it to cause even more pain in my butt crack and around my balls. Lying down again I could feel the wedged panties digging further into me when I spread my legs or arched my back. It had me very excited again and I began stroking some more, and more, and so on, resorting to the rough lace again, and then back to the soft nylon, a few times, until I was having a hard time keeping my legs apart any more as they were feeling kind of strained from that position and I was getting into even more intense and deeper states of ecstatic agony that it wasn't as necessary any more... (to be continued)

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This lasted for at least another hour and I was noticing that it was getting a little hard to stay erect any more and so I used the rough lace one more time for longer than at any point that evening and really punished my penis very thoroughly and then went back to stroking with nylon again, so close to orgasm, yet so far away. This didn't last for very long since my penis didn't seem like it really wanted to stay erect any more and I was pretty tired too.

I hoped to just stay in bed and go to sleep at that point because I didn't want to have to exacerbate my wedgie again as I had promised myself I was going to do any time I got out of bed for any reason. Unfortunately that wish was unrealistic, I really needed to use the restroom again and take care of a couple other things like getting my phone that I had left in the living room. The apartment was very quiet so I risked walking into the common area momentarily to grab it dressed as I was even though my roommate could have come home at any second. At least I'd hear the key in the lock and have a chance to make a dash for it.

Back in my room I looked at my phone and the time was already 1:17 AM! I certainly hadn't planned on spending over 3 hours jacking off my in my sissy peignoir set but I did have the feeling that something out of the ordinary was going to be done to me by my own hand(s). Usually I don't wear such fancy peignoir sets to bed, nor would I wear the garter and stockings. If I really want to sleep in women's clothing I'll just wear a more modest long night gown and panties though usually I don't even do that and just wear regular guy stuff. Tonight however was such an epic session that I felt that I could reward myself and leave all these fancy things on while I tried to fall sleep and for the rest of the night. These extras can sometimes be a little uncomfortable so it wasn't necessarily a pleasant reward and of course before climbing into bed again I renewed my wedgie as hard as I could again standing there pulling my panties up by the backs of the leg openings as far as they could possibly go with both hands and as firmly as I could while I rubbed myself into the tight elastic and lace that had gathered into my wedge.

I felt like maybe I had gone too far, how would I even be able to fall asleep with so much discomfort. I normally sleep on my side in some way and I kept moving around trying to find the least painful position. I had done a really good job that last time and the pain was impossible to escape. However I was so exhausted from so much masturbation, physically, mentally and emotionally that I soon forgot about the wedgie enough that I drifted off pretty easily. I awoke some time later and pulled the wedgie out, I regretted it right away, next time I'll be better about that. In the early morning I also removed the stockings and garter, they tend to slide down after a while and I didn't feel like pulling them up again. When I finally got up for the morning I still had the peignoir set on and I really didn't want to take it off so I went on the internet for awhile in my room before breakfast but eventually I did have to change before going out into the kitchen. I would have loved to stand there in the peignoir making breakfast and wearing it while eating and then for the whole day even, but that wasn't really practical.

Having read a few provocative stories online lately I decided I should write down what happened, maybe even post it some where. This is all 100% true, I would have added some details to make it juicier but I figured it was interesting enough as it really happened and the knowledge that this really did happen and is not just a story could be very provocative and exciting for any one who reads it and it’s also a way for me to relive it and get more out of it than I normally would have. I don't have such extreme epic sessions that often and the details mostly fade away, it's all about experiencing it while it’s happening and while it lasts. With this maybe I can keep a little bit of this incredible experience with me, I mean I put a lot of time and effort into it so I’d kind of like to have something to show for it. Video is another fun idea.

Right now it is still the next day and I still have not had an orgasm as I sit here in a light summery gown and wedged panties feeling very excited but not necessarily wanting to masturbate again just yet. I did leave out one detail, which is that I started this 3 days ago with another session that lasted about an hour or more with no orgasm. I didn't realize at the time that it was just the warm up for something even more extreme. I can skip another day again and let my cock heal from all the punishment it received then I may be ready for another even more extensive session the day after tomorrow. I was a little surprised not to find any traces of blood on the lace of the robe after I had used it to cause so much pain to my penis. Sooner or later I will have an accident and I probably won't even think about nightgowns or masturbation for weeks again afterwards. I'm not nearly as horny as you might think or compared to what I've read in other accounts online. If I can keep from orgasming for another week or more then when I do have an accident I might have built up so much excitement that I can start again right away, it's hard to predict, it may have to do with the time of year, moon phases, who knows…

Even though this is pretty extreme feminization for me I am straight and sometimes I get the impression that women are more attracted to me after I've masturbated without cumming, like I'm carrying this sexual energy around with me that they can sense, or maybe they're attracted to my feminine side, or maybe my private feminization brings out more public masculinity, or maybe I'm just imagining it. I've read that some guys have the opposite impression when they masturbate and orgasm, afterwards women are less attracted to them which they imagine has to do with their secret shame at being a wanker or something like that. I really think it's more about the energies. No voodoo, no hocus pocus, just things that manY people are able to sense subliminally through their normal 5 senses.

P.S. If you don't like this then don't think about it, you shouldn't have read this far anyway if that's the case.

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