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The training
You come round to my house, you have been under my training for about a month but you've been nothing but a disappointment, you decided to cum without permission, wear slutty clothes out and speak to boys. You ring my doorbell, I walk over and open the door, I'm wearing some dark trousers, a light blue shirt tucked in, and some dark socks. You walk in "close the door then" I command, for once you do as your told. It's a hot day, your wearing a short skirt, white shirt, black heels and black blazer, you have come from work. "Follow me" I walk you to my living room, your told to stand in the middle of the floor with your hands behind your back. "You know why I have summoned you today, don't you?". "No sir" you say nervously and quietly. "Speak up you piece of shit, are you ashamed to say my name" once again you say "no sir" this time louder and clearer. "Good, now I know you've been going out in slutty little dresses, like your begging for some cock, like a whore, I don't know why you think you can put cock in one of my holes, there my holes, I own your body that's why you wear this" I point to the bracelet I have given you, inside it's engraved "I'm owned by peter, I'm a useless slut here to serve him" I slap you once across your left cheek, then take your face between my hands with your chin. "Look at you, your such a failure, your a worthless piece of shit, I took you on to train you up, so I could be proud of you, my sluts are well trained and make me proud, your a disappointment, is that what you want? To disappoint me and show me up!" I walk away and throw your body to the floor, your sobbing, you know what I said was true, you know your a failure and I'm going to leave you. Your make up runs down your cheeks as you lay in a ball on my cold wooden floor. "What!! Your making a mess on my floor, get on all fours like the dog you are"." Yes sir" this time you reply louder through your sobbing, like your trying to please me, "lick that up from my floor you piece of shit" you do so willingly. "Stand up" you struggle to your feet. I sit down on the sofa and look at your disgraceful body, your a mess, "strip for me, slowly, you do as your told, your stood there, your pasty body shivering wearing nothing more than the bracelet I've given you. I stand up and walk over to you, I run my hand down the front of your stomach and start rubbing your clit as it quickly becomes we, you begin to squirm and wriggle. I stop, I hold my hand out as waste height. "Get down and suck my fingers clean" "yes sir" you say, this time loud, like your proud and trying to please me and learn. You run your tongue all over my fingers before sucking each one individually. "Thank you sir" "well done" now back to your feet. I dry my hand in your hair, messing it up as I do so. "Hands behind your back. Eyes forward" you hear me walk over to the cupboard and then back, without warning I give you 5 hard wraps with the cane, each one leaving a bright red line across your ass cheeks. Your breathing becomes interrupted for a second and you get your breath back. "Don't you want to say something" I whisper in your ear as I pull your hair back. "Thank you sir" I get the marker pen "eyes forward" I say as you reposition your head so your looking at the painting in my wall, your eyes stay fixed to this, looking at that is all your concentrating on. I draw two arrows to your pussy and on the top of each arrow I write "peters dirty hole" I do the same on your ass and your mouth. I walk away to the cupboard again, walk back towards you, I place a large black soft ball gag into your mouth, then you feel me stroke the back of your legs with the bamboo beater, "count me to ten" I say "yes sir" you say through your gag. I beat your ass, on the 10th time I lift the beater high in the air, it picks up great speed before it's weight slaps your ass. "Thank you sir" I stroke your ass, it's bright red and feels hot. Your drooling from your gag, I wipe your spit all over your face, smearing your make up, one of your lashes comes loose and hangs by one side. I pick up some pegs I previously put on the side, I put one on each nipple, and ten around each breast, I threads a piece of string around each peg and bring the string down between your legs, up between your ass, through the knot in your hair, over your head and tie it to the gag. The string is thin and digs into your pussy, you try to look down and see what I have written but it pulls on the pegs, the pegs begin to start hurting. Sit down and look at your body standing there "I hope your learning what a slutty mess you are, I hope your learning who owns your body" "yes sir, it's your body" you say, I see the pegs twitch as you speak and your face winces, I stand up and reach into my pocket, I remove a little egg vibrator and slide it into your pussy, I have the remote in my hand, I switch it on it's lowest setting and gently begin to rub your clit, you become wet almost instantly, you gasp for air, forcing your spit out from your gag, it runs down your chin and makes it's way down your neck, I remove my hand and leave the egg buzzing away inside your slutty dirty hole. I get hold of the strings on your stomach and start pulling on them, making all the pegs twitch and move, I love the look of desperation on your eyes as I do it. I switch off the eggs and return the remote no my pockcet. I put a studded collar on you and give you five more with the cane "thank you sir" you murmur, you twitched a lot on the last spank, it pulled a peg off each Brest, by now the pain is getting a lot with all the pegs. I can see this, your almost crying, "jump up and down till I tell you to stop" I have you do this for about two two min, I randomly give you the cane on your thighs and stomach, leaving you covered with red lines. "Stop" I say abruptly. You stop jumping, you have lost a couple more pegs. I flick each one and watch you wince as I do it. I pull gently on the string again, then leave it slack, you think I've released my hold but without any warning I pull the sting and it takes the pegs with it. I leave the string swinging between your legs, there are a couple of pegs on one boob that started on, I flick these and pull them as you sob, I take my cane and hit the remaining pegs off, "thank you sir" you say as you sob tears running down your face. I cup my hand under your left breast, and with my other hand I wipe the spit from your chest on the top of your breast, stroking it, then I slap my hand down onto the top of your breast with my other hand places under it. You let out a little scream, "don't you have something to say" I whisper. "Thank you sir" you say and then continue sobbing. I do the same to your right breast and then with the loop on the collar drag you over to the chair at my desk and sit you down, it's a old wooden chair, it has a worn leather base and wooden arms . I get some silver tape and tape your ankles to the chair, then your thighs, making sure your legs are open, I tie one of your wrists to the arm of the chair and then wrap some tape around your torso securing it to the back of the chair, I walk away and come back with a pen and paper and some mouse traps. I put the pen and paper on the desk and place a mouse trap on each nipple and one on each flap of your pussy, letting them spring shut as I do it. You still sobbing, I slap your face, "shut up" I yell, you nod your head as you look up to me. I push your chair up to the table, I know I've taped up your right hand and your right handed. "Now write , I'm peters useless failure of a slut, I'm a worthless piece of shit and need peters guidance so I can make him proud, write it 100 times" I watch you struggle with your left hand, I switch the egg on and walk away. Your juices slowly run onto the chair, your ass is still red raw and it feels nice to be sat on the cold leather. The mouse traps begin to hurt and your drooling runs all the way down to your clit. I walk away " I will finish with you when you have done your lines"
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