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Default Morning exercise

6:30 Saturday morning and no lie in for me. Naked I am as wake and naked I am as I set to work on my morning routine of my exercise task.

Master ordered me to stand in front of him whilst he held his stopwatch in his hand.

"Stand up straight and stretch your arms out to the side"

I did as I was told without saying a word as I looked straight ahead.

"Good girl" he said. "Now bend your knees and hold the position".

Again I did as I was told without questioning him, as I know my place.

I am shaven from the neck down and after considerable training my labia is somewhat stretched and my pussy gapes. I am conscious of this and as he is not my regular Master I am feeling humiliated to be standing in front of a stranger in this position. Also as I have had anal training there is also a bit of gaping there too and as I am not plugged I feel the urge to shit whilst in the squatting position. However, I do control myself from following through, at least until the exercise is over.

I am however unable to control my whole body from shaking and sweating and I am almost in tears as the pain sears through all my muscles.

"Keep still!" he says and I know I must do as I'm told because if news of any defiance gets back to my Daddy he will be so disappointed and I could not stand to disappoint him.

After about 15 minutes I am allowed to stand up straight and stretch my whole body for a minute but then I am ordered to get back in position. This is even harder than before because I thought the session was over. However, I only had to hold the position for a further 2 minutes before being given permission to stop.

Master was pleased with me as he said I did very well.

I am pleased that I pleased him and I thanked him for the privileged.
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