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Default First Date Naked Exhibitionism

I'm a gay man living in New York City with a bit of an exhibitionist streak. I live on the top floor of my apartment building with a large open patio, which can be seen by several neighboring buildings including several dozen windows in the hotel directly next door. In the warm summer months, I like to walk out on my patio wearing my underwear or wearing nothing at all. Sometimes I go up to the rooftop or wander the halls and stairway of my building in the nude. But I've only done these activities alone, until recently.

I met up with a guy from Tinder for a first date. Sweet guy, relationship-oriented, and successful in his career. I thought, this kind of guy would never indulge in my fantasies. Nevertheless, we had a fun evening shopping, getting dinner, and having a few drinks. Eventually, I brought him back to my apartment to watch a movie. I showed him the patio and he was amazed with the view. Then we put on the movie and laid together in bed, kissing and cuddling and slowly undressing each other until we were down to our underwear.

At this point, he paused the movie to use the restroom. When he returned, he said "I really want to see the view from your patio again." I thought, sure, and started to reach for my clothes, but stopped when I saw him going to the patio door still in his underwear. I was thrilled to see him doing this, and I had not even told him that it's something I have done many times on my own.

After hanging out on the patio for a few minutes, I pointed up and said, "We can also go up to the rooftop if you want to." He pondered a moment and said, "But can we go up like this?" Now I had a strong suspicion that he might share my fantasy, so I teased a little bit "I've gone up there in even less," and playfully tugged at his boxer briefs. I could tell that he wasn't sure whether or not to believe me. So, still in our underwear, we went outside my apartment, up the stairs to the roof, making out a little bit.

He started to feel a little shy being in view of all those windows, so we went back down before long, poured some more drinks, and went back out to the patio. He asked me if I had really been up to the rooftop naked before. So I told him about some of my recent experiences, and that we could do it together if he wanted. He said, "No, it's too much..." but his tone told me that he wanted to be persuaded.

I reached over to tease his underwear a little bit, but clumsily knocked over a glass, spilling whiskey all over his boxer briefs. So I said, why don't you take them off, and we'll go down to the laundry room to wash them. He refused again but I could tell that the thought excited him. Eventually he decided to take them off in my apartment, rinse them, and hang them up to dry. I also stripped out of my underwear, and we returned to the bed to resume the movie. I thought this would be all for one night.

We didn't watch much more of it before he said, "I want to go up to the rooftop again." Now completely naked, we made it to the apartment door and he said "Is this okay? Have you really done this before?" I could hear nervousness but also great excitement in his voice. I re-assured him and we went outside the apartment wearing nothing at all. In contrast to his earlier hesitation, he was now leading the way and I followed behind on the stairs.

Halfway up, he stopped with a concerned look. "You have the key, right?" (my apartment door automatically locks) "Yes, I have it right here." I dangled the key out over the railing. "Hopefully I don't drop it, or one of us will have to go downstairs to fetch it." At this point, his worry seemed to overtake his excitement, so to ease his apprehension I handed over the key to him instead.

Finally we made it up to the rooftop, and stood there in the open for a while enjoying the perfect air all over our bodies. Since the rooftop is not lit, I was pretty sure nobody could see us, but I did happen to catch someone's silhouette in the neighboring hotel window. I told my date, "I think I see somebody in that window there," and without even looking that way he said "I don't care. Let them watch."

By the time we headed back down, his confidence had diminished. In the brightly lit stairwell, he suddenly hesitated. I told him, "You have my key, so you have to go first to unlock the door." In my head, I was hoping he'd drop the key down the stairs, or that he'd go into my apartment first and lock me out for a little while. Sadly, we just went calmly down to the apartment, opened the door, and both of us got inside.

He slept over, and the next morning after using the restroom, I saw the patio door open and my date standing out there in his underwear, in broad daylight. I so wanted to join him, but I was still naked and wasn't brave enough to go out in the daylight in full view of the neighbors.

After a shower and breakfast together, we finally parted ways after an 18-hour first date. All in all, our evening might not have been so daring by some standards, but for me the excitement was in convincing a guy I had just met into participating, and even to make him think that it part of it was his idea.

I'm so eager to see him again and try more of the same. I hope next time he will allow us to become separated from the keys, or that we can get naked in a more public place.
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