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Default Seeking Female Pet


I am Hammarling, a male dom who is seeking a female pet. I'm British, so a European-esque timezone is preferred but not required. However it is required you speak decent english (although i can dabble in various languages) and are female (Sorry guys).

Cat? Dog? Kitten? Puppy? Cow? Pig? Wolf? Giraffe? Bear? Platypus? Narwhal? Unicorn? Pterodactyl?
I don't care what pet you want to be!

My kik is KHammarling. I can also Skype and yahoo upon request (or most forms of communication really).

Please get intouch for more!
Male/Dom Online, Switch IRL
My Ad Seeking A Slave
Interested in blackmail?

Kik: KHammarling

Limits: Scat, Permanent, Blood/Serious Pain

Likes: Pet Play, Humiliation, Public, Light Anal, Self-Bondage/Bondage

My PM Dares (Please suggest more)
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