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Default (Sweden) Prefer Not To Say: M/Sub/23 seeks F/Dom/All ages ~ New male sub willing to learn

23 year old submissive male seeking a dominant female of any age

First of all, thank you for reading through my ad. I hope it wont take up too much of your time.

Info about me:
Hello everyone. Im Igglebus. Thats obviously not my real name but Id like to save that for when Im talking to someone in private. Im 23 years old and I live in Europe (GMT+1). Sexually Im straight but Ive dabbled with the idea of being forced bi. My living situation is a small apartment in a larget complex. Some of my hobbies include computers, movies, music and hanging out with friends. Ive been lurking around on websites like this for a long time but Ive never created an account before. Today I decide to finally take the step and look for someone to play with. Its both scary and exciting at the same time. So be nice Oh and I would prefer that anyone who is interested in the ad send me a PM.

As far as experience goes Im a novice. Ive done some play on my own like tying myself up and small things like that. Ive also tried some roleplay in chat. But Ive never really played with someone before. Ive realized that is something I want to do. For a long time Ive been umming and arring about whether or not I was ready to meet someone that I can play with. Over time the desire to connect with someone has only grown stronger. Looking through this website for a while Ive realized that Im looking for a mommy. I want to have a loving and caring relationship with someone. Im not interested in one off plays or anything like that. Im looking for a relationship.

Like I said before I dont have a lot of experience but I have figured out a few of my likes and limits.

Likes (that Ive tried):
Teasing, Edging, Orgasm Control - I really like the idea of having my masturbation controlled. It might be a silly example but Ive watched some JOI videos and I really enjoy when someone controls the way I masturbate. I also like having to edge over and over. Orgasm Control is fun because it keeps me horny. I love going around and being horny just thinking of when I can have my next orgasm.
Ball spanking - I have only done this a little bit and not very hard. But its always exhilarating to get some spanks on the balls before/while/after stroking.
Anal - A while ago I bought myself a dildo. Ive been using it to play with my ass and its been really good. But it takes a lot of preparation for me before I feel comfortable doing it. So if this is something that youre interested in I beg that youre patient with me.
Light pain - I like things like clothespins and wax play. Clothespins doesnt hurt very much at first but when they stay on for a while it gets a little worse. Thats easier for me to deal with than instant pain. I also like dripping warm wax on myself. Ive never tried it on my genitals though. Im afraid that might hurt too much. Ive also tried to play with ice a few times and it was alright.
Light messy - I get so turned on by the idea of drooling on myself and making a big mess. It could also be with other things like food or drink.

Likes (that I havent tried but like the idea of):
Caregiver/little one - I know the term DDlg but Im not sure what its called when its between a Mommy and a little boy. MDlb? It doesnt look right. Anyway, I love the idea of having a mommy or a big sister. The dynamic feels more caring and loving. That affection would make me a lot more subissive than just having a strict domme. Also I looooove cuddles.
Humiliation - I like the idea of someone telling me to do something humiliating for them. I guess humiliation is a broad topic so for example if you told me to spit in my hand and rub it all over my face. That would make me feel so silly and humiliated but it would also be really arousing. I dont really like the idea of humiliating myself in public.
Chores - Im not very good at keeping my place clean. So I like the idea of having someone help me get it done. Maybe by giving me a reward when I do it or by giving me some kind of punishment if I dont.
Chastity - This is a weird one. Ive been really interested in it for a while. I even got myself a chastity device. But then I discovered that there was no point in having one if I dont have someone who decides when I can unlock it. So I ended up just using it for a day and since then its been laying around. But I like the idea of going around being horny and having my member locked up.
Assignments - Whether its writing, reading or otherwise, I love the idea of having someone teach me things and test on my things I should know.

Ass spanking - I live in an apartment with really thin walls. The few times Ive tried to spank my ass it was really loud and Im absolutely certain my neighbours could hear it. Id rather do something that is quiet but hurts the same way.
Positions over a long time - Im not very nimble. My knees start to hurt real bad if I kneel for too long. Im also not that fit so squatting becomes a problem for me quite quickly. With that said it could be a punishment.
Public - I dont find it very exciting to go outside and play. Unless its something like going without underwear to the store and back. But Im not sure if that counts as public.

Sissification/Crossdressing - I have no interest in being turned into a girl. Its a big turn off for me.
Obvious public - I wouldnt want to be caught in public doing anything sexual.
Illegal, blood, permanent damage, poop, blackmail, family, animals - These are a bit too extreme for me.

These are things that Ive thought about a bit but I cant decide if I like them or not. If any of them interest you then we can talk about them and maybe you could convince me to try them. Basically I havent ruled them out.
Pee - Whether its peeing on myself, not being allowed to pee or even drinking pee.
Cum play - Smearing it around, eating it, freezing it, etc.
Food/Bed/Toilet control - Im interested in the level of control this would give you. But I dont know if it would actually work in practice.

If there is anything youre interested in that isnt on any of the lists Id be more than happy to talk about it! Maybe you could show me something amazing that I didnt know about before.

Like I said at the start of this ad Ive been experimenting a bit on my own. Therefor I have quite a few toys. Im not sure if writing a complete list would be a good idea so Ill just give you a few examples of the things I have. If you DO want the full list just PM me.
Dildoes, Ballgag, Enema thing, Vibrator, Prostate toys and Rope.

What Im looking for:
Most of all Im looking for a caring relationship. I want to be able to talk to you about more than just the play. I want us to cuddle and have fun together. I want to cheer you up on a bad day and I want you to make sure Im not neglecting my responsibilities. So you should be patient and caring and be looking for something more than just a play partner. I want you to commit to us. Therefore Im not looking for anyone that already has a partner, whether its online or offline. I want us to be exclusive.

Experience doesnt matter too much to me. I dont have a lot of experience myself. As long as your willing to commit Im sure we can have fun together. I would love it if your the kind of person who likes to care of others. But I dont mind if you feel like treating me like dirt from time to time. As long as you take care of me afterwards. If you identify as a mommy that would be marvelous!

When we play I expect us to be on at least voice. Maybe not right away or the first few times. But I want us to be able to hear each other while were playing. Once we get to know each other I would be willing to go on webcam as long as you do the same. Obviously all these things require some level of trust to be established beforehand.

For communication I like to use Skype. You can text talk and webcam all in the same program. So thats pretty nice. I would like if we could text each other during the day. Like in a normal relationship. I want to hear about how your day is going and what youre up to.

If youre interested in this ad please send me a PM and we can talk more. When you contact me please write more than just a few lines. Dont ask for my contact information right away. I want to see a thoughtful message that shows youve read my ad. Thank you.

Finally: If there is anything youre wondering about just ask me. I would love to find the right person. Hopefully youre out there.

  • Kinks:
Teasing, edging, orgasm control, ball spanking, light anal, light pain, light messy, caregiver/little one, humiliation, chores, chastity, assignments, pee play, cum play, food/bed/toilet control, behaviour modification.
  • Experience:
I don't have any experience of playing with another person. All I have done is watched JOI videos, tried some webteases and played with myself. Though I have done a lot of experimenting on my own.
  • Limits:
Won't do crossdressing, feminization, illegal, blood, family, permanent damage, marking, blackmail.
Also, it's a deal breaker for me if you're not willing to take time out to be with me as I know I will for you.

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