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Default New Years gift for husband

Its been such a long time since my husband and I did anything truly kinky. Well, aside from him keeping my breasts lactating for 18 months because it turned him on after we had our child, but obviously being parents means weve had to change our lifestyle a lot. My husband is still involved with his familys business in addition to his regular job driving trucks, so we rarely get any meaningful time together.
But we managed to get his parents to babysit last night under the pretense that we were going out. We actually did go out, but not like that. Im still quite horny from thinking about it all day.
Its a fantasy hes had for a long time. And hes been very complimentary to me even with the changes to my body. I have stretchmarks and have to go to the restroom more often and Im not quite what I was before, and he says Ive given my body to him in the most complete way possible which is really sweet I think. So Ive really wanted to do it for him for a while, but New Years Eve made it a bit more difficult because I had to find out what time places closed that would normally be open all night.
I got dressed up like we were going out. Miniskirts are back in fashion. Id have worn one of my leather ones if they still fit but it wouldnt have worked with his fantasy so it was a plain black one. I wore one of my 90s black sheer blouses too, with black lingerie and stockings and suspenders. Patent black stiletto pumps. All one color which is important, but all stuff he likes too.
He was very surprised when I told him we were going to do it. He asked me about a million times if I was sure. Of course Im sure, as long as it still makes him horny. Im missing the excitement of the things we used to do, the parties we used to have. I love being a Mom, dont get me wrong. But NYE was always an evening of extremely kinky fun for us. So I also asked him if he wanted me to wear the collar he gave me on our wedding night when we had a second, very intimate ceremony. He told me to give it to him, but he didnt put it on me.

It was coming up to 8pm when we arrived at our destination. They were due to be closing at 8 and nobody else was in apart from the one guy working. After all, whos doing laundry on NYE? Weve had a lot of rain on and off, so finding a muddy puddle in the churchyard had presented no problems. God was it cold though! I dropped myself to the ground, face first into the sludge so when we turned up not long before closing it was an emergency.
My blouse and skirt were caked in mud, and so were my stockings and shoes. The guy decided to lock up which took some of the thrill out of it, but still, I was in a public laundromat, laundrette they call them over here, taking off my clothes and putting them in the washing machine. Blouse, skirt, stockings, all went in, and while I was doing that and the guy was deliberately distracting himself to not get caught staring at me, my husband slid my thong off and threw it in too!
The guy offered me his newspaper to hide behind, while still not looking at me. I thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek even as I stood there barefoot wearing just my quarter cup bra and suspender belt. He became very quiet, Im not sure if he was shy or grumpy about having to stay late. He was very obvious about not looking at me, so I sat down gosh, that bench was cold and not very comfortable and opened the newspaper which my husband then started reading as he sat next to me, making me have to expose myself every now and then to turn the pages. It wasnt long before his hand found its way between my legs and he started stroking and probing my increasingly wet, naked pussy as I rubbed the hardening bulge under his jeans. It took about half an hour to wash my clothes, and I was a little disoriented when I stood up to take them out and put them into a dryer; my hubby is good at teasing and denying me even after our sex life slowed down to a couple of blowjobs a week and maybe a couple of fucks a month, so I was by now very horny and very wet. Sitting back down, Id lost the warm spot Id been building up so the cold hit my bare bum again, but he was soon back rubbing my pussy and even pulling one of my breasts free of the bra. When the guy working there came out, I very hurriedly opened up the newspaper, dropping a couple of the pages. He paused, only momentarily, but we knew he was onto us, and then we couldnt stop giggling like silly children. It became obvious to both of us then that wed better go and my clothes were still damp as I fished them out and put them on. My husband kept my thong, put it in his pocket. I could have fucked him right there, Ive always loved it when he does that. We thanked the guy and apologised profusely to him and I gave him another kiss, even with my breast still exposed from my bra under the see-through blouse. I know my husband appreciated that.

Wed told the guy that wed come in on the train, but actually my husbands car was at the top of the parking lot at the edge of the town. He had his hand on my ass for the whole walk back, making my skirt ride up to expose my behind. It was so hot to feel like his property again. He opened the back door for me to get into the cars rear seats and I noticed the child seat was gone. I made a point of hitching up my skirt to sit on my bare buttocks the way he always used to make me do, like in The Story of O. He told me to sit in the middle and put the seatbelt on. While I did that, he popped the trunk. When he came back and sat next to me, hed bought a bundle of things with him. I was blindfolded and then he unbuttoned my blouse, pulled both my breasts out of the bras miniscule cups so that the seatbelt parted them. He was sat to my right and pulled my leg towards the door, tied it with some rope to the bottom of his drivers seat, then pulled out my wrist and tied it to the right seatbelt mount. When he got in the other side, he bound my left wrist and ankle the same way so that I was spread-eagled in the back of his car. I knew what he was doing then. Another fantasy hes had for as long as Ive known him. What the hell, I was so horny now Id probably let him tie me to the back of his Dads pickup truck with my pussy impaled on the trailer hitch. Actually, thats one of my fantasies he might have to do for ME.

Anyway, I pushed myself as high off the seat as I could to help him be able to wrap the rope around my waist and between my legs to make a crotchrope. When he got in his seat, he tied the crotchrope and pulled it taut around his shift lever so that it would be pulling tight when he was in fourth gear. Neutral, or any other gear, particularly first, third or fifth, would pull especially tightly. And because he kept the blindfold on, Id have no idea which route he took us home. Just getting out of the parking lot was enough to confuse me. All I know is he changed gears A LOT and I felt every one of them. When finally he got me home, he tied my hands behind my back, kept me blindfolded and crotchroped as he pulled my by it like it was a leash into the house, laid my like that on the sofa and we fucked hard and deep and all too quickly we both came. I think I might have passed out because the fireworks scared the life out of me and thats when he pulled off the blindfold and untied me. Then we went to bed, had another, very lazy, very intimate, very lovely fuck before he both fell asleep with me still on top of him.
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Smile Brilliant

Reading that story was amazing. I'm glad you and your husband got to have your kinky night. You know what they say live life to the end
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