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Old 11-23-2010, 12:03 PM
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Default "Sissy"

Before I get into any interesting stories or adventures, I first want to shine some light on myself. My birth name is Brad, but I dont identity by that name at all. I go by Naomi most of the time, and I'd love to get my name changed one day legally. Maybe not to a girl's name per se, something like Alex perhaps, just so aslong as it's not such a "manly" name like Brad.

Anyway, I am a sissy. Or a crossdresser, what have you. I wear women's underwear. Infact, female underwear is the only underwear that I own. I have male shirts and pants which I wear when I go out in public, but underneath whatever I have on, will always be something feminine. I dont own one single pair of boy's underwear, and no matter what I will have to wear panties. Have I ever been caught? Well of course, but more on that a little later.

Whenever I get back to my home however, I will strip off my male clothing and become the real me. Stockings, garner belts, fitted bras, skirts, dresses, blouses, you name it, I wear it. Alot of crossdressers are very unappealing, because they look to manly or muscled or hairy. Me? I weigh barely over 140 pounds, I am incredibly skinny, have very long hair and crystal blue eyes. My hair is straight and dyed pitch black, and is always brushed perfectly. I dress my hair to have heavy bangs in the front to compliment my blue eyes, and I am also very pale.

I work out alot running, so I have a lean body. I have a better hourglass figure than most girls, with somewhat wide hips and a petite build. I live on a very strict diet, so my arms and legs are never very buff and I have a figure exactly like a girl. My face is very round, and with long, girly hair, which I usually tie back into a ponytail publicly, which makes me look very convincingly like a girl. I make sure to shave my entire body, which is alot of work obviously, though I have been waxed at times. I wear alot of make-up to, which even further brings out my eyes and girly face structure.

Back to the underwear for a moment. I figured to live my life I needed male shirts and pants and suits and whatnot, but under no condition did I need male underwear. Even at work while I am forced to wear long shirts and trimmed pants, I can rest easy knowing underneath it all lies a sexy thong, pair of french boyshorts, or bikini-style pair. I like my panties tight as possible, and as frilly and skimpy as possible. I own many see-through pairs, and pairs with nothing on the backside are very common.

You may be wondering though, how can I wear fully female underwear, dont my balls and penis get in the way? Not at all. Why? Because I've been blessed, or cursed as you may believe, with a very tiny penis. How small? When it's erect, it's barely five inches. When it's flaccid? Microscopic. So my pathetic male parts are always safely covered by the panties, even the thongs, and I never have to worry about it flopping around or getting out of place. No matter how skimpy or tight one of my g-strings may be, I can rest assured my parts will be cradled inside of it.

So I wake up in the morning, usually in my nightie and panties, get up, shower, wash my hair, get dressed in male's clothing, survive through my desk job, and then the fun begins. I get back to my home and quickly strip off my clothing, shower again, and begin my real day. All my windows and doors are see-through proof, so no one can ever watch what I do, thought I doubt I'd mind if they did. Then I'll slip on a pair of sexy panties and a nice bra, and put on my stockings and garner-belt. After that I'll fix my hair and put on some make-up.

I'll spend the remainder of the day as a girl, and sometimes I'll go on the track machine and get some exercise, in usually a bra and panties. Sometimes I do some cleaning around the house in my french maid dress, sometimes I'll do the dishes and some laundry. I'll watch some television, maybe a movie, use the internet, what have you. Like anyone else, except every waking moment I will be dressed head to toe in frills, with my petite penis usually soluting the world, its hard not to when I'm so turned on. But I always have panties on, to keep that boy at bay.

And since I'm constantly turned on, I have a way of dealing with that too. I own a pair (or three) of vibrating panties. When I'm just to too turned on to bare it any further, I'll bring out a pair. I have a ritual. I get dressed up in the prettiest stuff I own, and get into position I have a very large mirror in my bedroom, which I always face when I do this, to make me watch my self as I do this. The added humiliation always make sit more kinky. I have a pair of handcuffs with a timer built in, they will only lock for ten minutes, which is more than long enough. I will cuff myself to the leg of my bed, which weighs a ton, with the remote to the vibrating panties in my hand.

The panties have a belt, so they cant be pulled down unless you have control over both hands. So when I'm cuffed there's no way to remove them until the timer runs out. When all that is in position, I set the remote to high, toss it away onto the pillow places beyond my reach, and lay back as the vibration in the panties buils. I always try to hold my orgarms at bay, which helps it feel better when it finally if let out. However, even with all my will I can only prevent it from coming for about 5 minutes, meaning I will often have to bare another few minutes, which actually improves the experience.

Afterwards I turn the panties off and clean myself off, and change. I lived like that for quite a few years. See, my father passed away at a very young age, and he was a very wealthy man. My mom is still alive, so she sends me alot of money every once in a while meaning I have unlimited funds for buying all the sissy gear I wish. Sometimes I'll rent out a "pal's" apartment when my mom comes to visit or whatever, so she doesn't find any of my sissy gear or clothing, which fills every inch of my place.

But I was not alone, ateast, not always.
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Old 02-17-2011, 04:22 AM
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sounds like some serious fun, just recently ive been coming to terms with the sissy inside..... it feels good after repressing it so long
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Old 05-28-2011, 10:10 AM
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hai sissy i want 2 become your master
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Old 06-10-2011, 06:03 AM
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This is very interesting
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Old 01-23-2014, 08:40 AM
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Default Great

Sounds like you and me have many things in common
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Old 04-30-2015, 07:26 AM
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If that's you in your display picture... then damn! Good read, thanks.
I like light humiliation, pee, being forced, light blackmail, some feet and being a cute kitten!

I don't like poo!
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