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Default Another one again kik me feedback peter_francis

I return from home after workits late and dark outside and frost covers the lawn, I've had a very stressful day at work, I know I'm going to have fun with my slut who is waiting at home in his cage. I walk through the front door and into the living room to find him curled up in his cage. Next to him is his bowl of water. Wearing my dirty panties and bra he soon wakes to greet his mistress. I open the cage and he crawls out on all fours. After checking the cage for cum I walk over to him as he kneels with his paws up. I pull down my black Lacey panties to revel my plug still nested between his cheeks. I open my legs and force him to suck lick me clean. Of course he is a well trained slut and does exactly what is meant of him. As a treat I put on his collar and lead and walk him in the back garden, I sit down in the sun lounger and pleasure myself with a small rabbit before i throw it across the lawn for my slut to run after it on all fours and return it to me in his mouth. After a few games of fetch I put him back on his lead and walk him back inside. We walk back into the living room. I take off my blazer and sit down. I spread my legs as my pencil skirt rides up my thighs. "Come here" I say as I call my slut. On all fours I pull his hair hard and run his head between my legs. The obedient slut uses his tongue. As he pleases me through my panties.

I take out his head "get in your bed" I say as he crawls to his cage and curls up again. "Its exercise time" I say. I walk to the kitchen and take a handful of pegs and a wooden spoon. I kick off my heels and walk back into the living room. "Out" I tell as he quickly crawls and sits before me, I lift up my foot " you know what to do" I say as he sucks my toes and runs his tonge up and down my sole. I take away my foot before taking off his bra and panties. His worthless cock hangs half erect. I place 5 pegs up either side of his shaft. 5 around the skin on each ball, two on each nipple and 8 around each nipple. Then two on each ear, two on each eyebrow and two on his tounge. "You know the rules and consequences for loosing pegs or that plug don't you"I say as he nods his head letting the pegs bounce about. "40 push ups" I say. He gets in position and gives me 40 push ups, I place my foot on his back and apply force to make sure the pegs press against the floor. "40 star jumps" he gets to his feet and does 10 sissy jumps I hit him with the wooden spoon across his ass "now it's 50 and do it fucking right" he does as he is told, the pegs and his cock bouncing around as the pegs snap off leaving red marks. He does 50 "now let's count" I say. I count 6 pegs on the floor "30 spanks then" I bend him over and give him 30 of my best with the spoon and his ass glows bright red for me. "Now 30 squats" he does 30 and more pegs and the plug fall out, "another 30" I say as I bend him over and give his already sore ass another 30 spanks. "And what's this" I say as I pick up the plug. "If you can't hold it in your ass you can hold it in your mouth" I say as I pull the pegs from his tonge and place the plug in his mouth. I then proceed to hit the pegs off with the spoon leaving red marks all over his body. I take my damp panties off and give them to him to wear before locking him in his cage again. "Put the plug back up your ass and your to play for 2 minuets every 10 minutes until I get back" I say as I walk upstairs to have a shower and get ready
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