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Default Starting Chastity

As long as I can remember, my fantasies have always taken a similar form. As far back as 14 I was wanking to the idea of being dragged into the girls’ toilets at school, stripped and toyed with. As I became older and more knowledgeable about different fetishes I began to incorporate crossdressing and pegging into my fantasies. No matter what other kind of porn took my fancy for short periods, I would always default back to femdom related ideas.

Over the years I have owned many different toys and items of women’s clothing. Initially sneaking into the bedroom of a female flatmate and trying on her panties and bras like a pervert. At one time even wearing her tight, form defining dress she had to wear for her team. On other occasions I would be lucky enough to find a pair of panties left behind in the laundrette machines, taking them for my own.

Eventually I got to the point of buying for myself. The first time I purchased toys or women’s clothes I felt that typical nervousness. I felt I was being judged. These days I don’t care, still making sure people I know don’t happen to be nearby, but not caring about the shop staff.

Recently I ventured into Poundland, where I found a £1 bullet vibrator. Along with it I bought many items of makeup and some cheap batteries. The woman at the till IDed me (I wonder if it was necessary or if she was just being nosey) and I took it home. As it turns out, a £1 vibrator is surprisingly powerful. More powerful than many others I have owned before. It’s very basic and has just one setting – “ON” – but that one setting is intense.

Over the last year or so I have been turned on by the idea of chastity and controlled orgasms. Perhaps even only being permitted to orgasm through anal stimulation or through a painfully long use of vibrators against the cage. The big flaw with this as a fantasy is that chastity cages are pretty expensive. I would masturbate to the thought of it, even go as far as to put it into a shopping basket of an online site, but after I came I would lose interest. Recently, however, I haven’t lost interest to the same extent. The cost still concerned me, but I had the desire to buy it. Finally I have given in and ordered one, along with a few other toys that were on offer, from LoveHoney.

As I sit here, writing this with a huge erection (well, as huge as mine ever gets) I am eagerly awaiting Royal Mail’s delivery of my cage. The CB-6000s, chosen because I’m pretty sure the regular CB-6000 would be far too big for my small cock, is on its way to me now. I have no idea if I will enjoy being caged or if I will even have the self-control to keep it locked, but I know I need to rid myself of this erection if I am to every fit inside it.

Tonight I am due to go to a friend’s for the evening. This will be my test to see how I can manage. My main fear is that the discomfort becomes too great during the evening and I will have no way to release myself until I leave.
My parcel finally arrived. A plain brown box with my name and address, but inside were so many wonderful things to play with.

• A G-spot vibrator
• A prostate massaging, vibrating buttplug
• A mains-plug wand vibrator
• My CB-6000s

I open each item and had a little play around with it, trying out the different settings. The wand was wonderful to switch on and feel how powerful its highest setting was.

When I got to the cage, I unzipped the little bag it came in and tipped out the contents. I removed the largest ring and manoeuvred it around my balls. I attached the top portion of the ring and selected the spacer I felt was the right size. The hard part was staying soft enough to squeeze in my dick. Length wasn’t an issue, but width was.

With some patience, some pinching from the device and a bit of lube I was in. The cage added weight to my cock and balls, but was not uncomfortable beyond some occasional pinching where the pieces slot together. As my cock tried to become hard it ached slightly, but again was not too uncomfortable.

My first thought was to try out the wand with myself locked up. I found some chastity related porn featuring women mocking men who were locked up and switched on the plug. It took over half an hour of frustrating vibrations to eventually orgasm. I sat at the edge for so long, wishing I could just stroke my cock to push myself over the edge instead of sitting and waiting for the vibrations to stimulate me enough.

When I finally came it was just a trickle out of my penis, pooling in the cage. I help the wand in place – I had decided I would sit through the remainder of the video I was watching and there were a few minutes left. The intense vibrations went from pleasure to agony as my cock was over-stimulated.

I removed the cage, cleaned it out and then re-locked it. I have a great temptation to remove it and wank, but I am going to try and make it the rest of the day without removing it.

With my brief test complete, I am now locked up once again. I have been watching porn and teasing myself with a vibrator for 2 hours now. Whilst I use a wand vibrator on my cage I have a prostate massager in my ass. This combined teasing is intense, but not significant to push me over the edge. The keys to the cage are in a tuppaware box full of water in the freezer and it is nearly bed time.

I will continue to tease myself until I head to bed, testing my willpower with the knowledge that by morning my keys will not be in a convenient location. Even with hot water it will take some time to get the free, hopefully in that amount of time I will overcome any weakness in my resolve and return the keys to their hiding place.

Tonight could be an interesting night’s sleep.
no: openly public/involving others, poo, extreme pain, shaving

yes: secluded public, crossdressing, sexual, anal (including enemas if you want), slight pain, anything else not on the above list I can't think of right now

Add me at [email protected]
I am looking for a mistress to serve right now
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