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Default An expirence with a past Dom ><

I just felt the need to share this

A sharp pain on my thigh brought me out of my daze. A muffled whimper escaped as I struggled against the ropes that held me in place against rough bark- scraping my back a bit in the process. The cold wind whipped my naked body; goosebumps appearing on my arms and legs.

"Now, Alice... you know I only take the time to punish my dearest slave because I care, correct? You told me you wanted to be the best- and you had picked me to help with that. Nod if you understand."

His warm voice sent shivers down my spine... even when He was disappointed in me... He was always so gentle behind His harsh exterior. I nodded.

"Now I'm going to remove the gag. And I want you to explain to me what I'm punishing you for, but you may not swallow; alright slut?"

I moaned as He removed my gag, wishing I could swallow, my cheeks turning red as I closed my lips- getting ready for what was about to happen.

"I am b-being punished for cumming without perm-mission Sir." Drool dripped down my chin onto my breast as I spoke, making me want to look away, but knowing if I did He would just add to my punishment.

"Good slut."

He picked up the thick twig he had me pick out for myself hours earlier... on my hands and knees, and if I brought back one that was not to His liking He'd smack me and tell me to try again.

"One!" I could already feel tears start to swell as Master started to hit my pussy with the make shift swatch.

"Two!" I started to think on my actions... the fact that I'd cum without permission upsetting me more than the pain.

"Three! Four! Five! Six!" How could I have lost control like that? I took something that belonged to Him.

"Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!" I could feel the heat on my thighs and pussy.. and my pussy dripping despite the pain I was in.

20 more painful spanks later- my pussy was burning and my thighs were bleeding from small scratches. My arms were tired- being tied above me for so long... what felt like hours.

"I'm so sorry Sir.. it will never happen again" I choked out, frantically trying to gain my composure.

"I know my sweet sub." He kissed me, rubbing and touching the spots he'd abused moments earlier while working on the knot holding me in place. Once he got me loose- he broke the kiss and pulled on the rope around my arms- forcing me to walk on weak legs towards the creek- parading me naked through the woods.

"Kneel." I obeyed, shivering as I knelt in the quickly moving current; face to face with His cock. He then attached the rope around my wrists to a tree that had bent over the creek, and pulled tight- raising my arms above my head again. His next move was to secure my neck to the same tree- so if I so much as dared to move- it would choke me. This put my head in the perfect position for what was to happen next. I looked up at Master with slight fear in my eyes, only masked by the curiosity and anticipation that had been welling inside me, causing HIS pussy to become even more soaked despite the freezing water. He grabbed me by the hair, forcing my lips down on His cock. I gagged and then relaxed- allowing Him to use my mouth as much as He liked. Every deepthroat sent me even further into a daze, the lack of air starting to show on my face. He let me go and came all over my breast, the hot white cum dripping down into the water. I gasped for breath- my heart pounding in my chest as if it were trying to escape. He then pulled the swatch back out and started to use it on my tits. Hitting lightly once and then slamming it down so hard I thought the twig would break. I counted another 24 swatches with the twig before he stopped and allowed me to rest.

My resting period didn't last long before he treaded back into the water and started using the rope to choke me out. I'd start to see stars and then he'd let me breath. Again and again. My chest burnt with the desire to serve and the want to give everything up for Him. Even if it meant my breath. I didn't struggle. I kept still and kept eye contact as long as I possibly could. I had to show Him I'd take anything for Him. Suddenly Master pulled me out of the water by my hair, which made me yelp and tears came to my eyes. He had already untied the ropes, and was now dragging me by the hair onto shore. I whimpered but knew to stay silent unless I really felt the need. He then tied me in the gravel between two trees- my legs spread and my arms attached to my legs, He also replaced the gag.

"Im going to leave you here for a bit." He kissed me on the forehead before placing the blindfold on me. I couldn't breath. What if someone came by hiking? This wasn't really an abandoned wood... I struggled a bit against my bonds but didn't protest. The thought of a hiker coming by, seeing me, and fucking me without me even ever seeing who it was excited me a little. I heard the gravel move under His feet as He walked away from me. Leaving me there, naked, exposed and in public. I whimpered a bit, thinking and making myself hornier and hornier.

After what felt like hours I heard footsteps return to me. My heart rate went up. The person didn't say anything to me. It just stood there. I could hear it's breath as it knelt down, its breath then moving along my neck. I struggled, whimpering. Was this some random hiker? Or was it Master trying to trick me?

Rough hands started grabbing at my breast and thighs, slapping, pinching my nipples so hard I almost screamed. My pussy was already soaked as I shivered from the mans touch.

I struggled, trying to get away, not sure who it was. I then felt another pair of hands on my shoulders, holding me still. Masters. I'd know His hands anywhere. I calmed, now staying still.
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