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Old 07-26-2016, 02:21 AM
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Default My Cuckold Husband

I'm Gioia, I'm 28 years old and I've been married for two years with a guy who seemed to me so gentle, meek and traditionalist before we got married. Sex never was explosive, it was as mild as him, but I thought to be satisfied. Once he was next to me and he noticed my phone ringing: it was a former boyfriend of mine, an albanian guy just out of prison. I turned off the phone, I didn't want to give it importance, but my husband suddendly changed his facial expression: he oddly began to grin. He prayed me to answer the phone, that rang the day after. Ermal, the albanian guy I fell in love with and I was afraid of, told me that he's always been thinking about me during all his years of prison. My husband was next to me and he was excited by hearing his voice. He became obsessive. He ordered me to go invite him at home pretending I was alone. I didn't refuse because I was fatally attracted by this kind of a perverse game. I accepted, I was discovering how dirty I was. Ermal came to me one of those afternoons of July, I was terribly afraid of him, of his brute force, typical of a young man who had known war, but he was the most vigorous male I have ever seen. Oh, he got so old! He was a miscellaneous of a greek warrior and a balkanian rude and sharp boy. Green eyes, olive skin, harsh cheekbones. Just entered the house, he lifted me off the ground and he slammed me on the bed. My husband was spying everything from the chink of the bathroom. Ermal started to spank me everywhere while penetrating me with his huge and tough penis I had bought condoms for. He was hurting me, but I was delighted. I felt the excited and grim presence of my cuckold while the albanian was biting my nipples licking all around. We had an orgasm together. Me, the Albanian and my husband, who masturbated himself all the time till the final blast.

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Old 07-26-2016, 01:01 PM
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Thanks for sharing this experience. It made my cock go rock hard. But honestly I in your husbands shous would have never let anyone fuck my partner. But since you both like it I wish you a nice future... and if you do something like this again it would be nice if you would share that experience with us

I hope your relationship is still intact? (Because sexuall experiences can be difficult for a relationship)

Do you and your husband think of the oppertunity that you swap your rolls? (He fucks another woman and you watch and masturbate until you 3 cum)
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