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Old 11-02-2016, 01:07 PM
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Post Help me dominate my sub

Hey everyone first post here

Tonight me and my boyfriend are going to try some dom/sub play with me being the dom.

I am relatively new to this but i want to give him a night he'll never forget
He has asked me to be rough and punish him.

We have all sorts of toys from butt plugs to a strap on.

Could anyone give me any advice on how to act dominant or what i should say/do.
I really want to humiliate him and make him know he's my bitch but I'm very nervous so any advice would be greatly appreciated

Even if some one could even link me a couple of videos for ideas that would be really nice

Thanks in advance
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Old 11-02-2016, 02:40 PM
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Jerk him off and dont stop even after he cums.
Milk him dry, keep going until no cum comes out.
While jerking him, squeeze pull and twist his balls.

When he cant cum any more, tie him down on all fours, and fuck him without lube with the strapon, slapping his ass and back as you thrust.

Treat him like dirt, like a naughty child, if he looks up slap his face saying" did I tell you to look up?"
When he tries to speak put a soap bar in his mouth, saying " did I speak to you bitch?"
When he moans or screams, tell him to stop being a wimp and make his cock and balls ache.
Spank them red.


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I have Kik ask
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Old 11-03-2016, 12:34 AM
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Be his Mistress
If he do anything without aask you
Slap him
Seal his ass with staple machine so he had to ask you everthing
Mke him lay on a high place and play woth hia balls boxing
Make him cum continued till you feel you wanna be fucked then take strapon and fuck his ass untill he start to faint then make him drink your piss and then tie him to a chair
Now slap him and make him count loud
If he miss the count then punch on his balls.
Kik is Srb1559
There i got many idea
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anal punishment, femdom, humiliation, pegging, punishment

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